Apr 14th, 2014

pressey ship date

Delays on Kickstarter are like coughs on a cold day — you just come to expect them at this point. That’s why we weren’t too peeved when we heard Pressy had a bit of hold up during the initial engineering process, with the project creators claiming they weren’t terribly happy with the quality of the product.

Things seem to be moving along smoothly, though, as Nimrod Back is confident enough to say they will begin shipping the little button that could on April 28th. The first batch will be coming in from China and then has to go out to everyone around the world, so the first actual deliveries aren’t expected to begin until Mid-May.

Nimrod Back also took this opportunity to address a couple of things. For starters, they’ve revealed a newly-designed holster for the Pressy button, which can now fit on your key chain or be looped onto a headphone wire.

They also took a nice little jab to “copycats” everywhere, saying they’ll be looking to “squash” them. They intend to do so with a patent that they smartly secured a while ago, so a day in court should be a walk in the park as long as those copycats (coughXIAOMIcough) can’t prove prior art.

[via Pressy Kickstarter]

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