HTC One M8 said to be coming in plastic variant



Want a plastic HTC One M8? Me neither, but according to the latest rumors we could be getting one sometime soon. TMT Post is reporting that HTC is planning to introduce a plastic version of their 2014 flagship smartphone.

What will the differences be? Well, it’ll be the same exact phone, except without all that plastic that makes it feel like something that costs a whole lot of money. The new version will apparently be lighter, cheaper and should quell the fears of anyone who thinks metal hampers the mobile experience.

Apparently the device will sell for the equivalent of about $483, whereas the original is about $700. Those are pretty steep savings indeed, though it’ll be up to you to decide if that extra wadge of metal is worth another $200.

[via G for Games]

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  1. “Well, it’ll be the same exact phone, except without all that plastic that makes it feel like something that costs a whole lot of money.”

    What? I’m confused.

    1. I think he was being sarcastic.

      1. I don’t think so.

    2. I think he meant to type ‘metal’ in place of ‘plastic’.

  2. I find it very hard to believe that changing the material from metal to plastic would make the device over $200 cheaper.

    1. I find it very hard to believe people that always want metal devices don’t implode from all the raging about the subject.

      1. Was that post having a dig at me? I personally don’t like the metal myself. I’d prefer plastic.

  3. “If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there’s a solution for you. But we’re going after a different customer, someone who wants the best.”

    Stay floundering, HTC lmao.

    1. Tell that to Samsung. Plastic phones and making millions. Not praising Samsung, just stating a fact.

  4. Well as long as it gets the same updates as the metal version this is awesome. Material doesn’t matter because anyone with half a brain is putting their several hundred dollar investment in a case.

    1. So many people foam at the mouth when devices are made of plastic but they don’t seem to remember phone cases cover most of the device anyway. Shortsightedness – the new epidemic after stupidity.

      1. Assuming that the person who purchases that device uses a case.

  5. $200 for the brushed aluminum backing? I doubt the post has verified sources. I find that price unbelievable

  6. If it enabled them to offer it with a removable battery. SOLD.

    1. Or just get a Samsung…

      1. I like Sense (as far as overlays go), not keen on TouchWiz.
        But I’m about 90% on getting the Samsung right now.

        1. You can always custom rom

  7. In the very unlikely chance this is true, I’d buy. But there’s no way in hell a metal unibody costs that much more.

  8. smh,

    i honestly think they’re competing with the 1+1 but if this really is about the S5 then they just put a big fat ‘L’ on their chest in basically saying people don’t think our tin can design is worth the money so lets get rid of our greatest selling point and slash the price.

    fail harder..

    1. Big letter “L’s” usually work best when drawn on the face, as far as I can figure. Otherwise you’d have to rip your shirt off every time you want everyone to see who you really are.

      1. true, and by getting rid of their aluminum build, they just did.

  9. And you see why some of us say HTC is confused and lacks direction.

  10. I think that rumor was started by Samsung. I guess they’re getting scared. HaHa.

    1. if anything samsung would be the last one to say that? It only downgrades the word “plastics” or “polycarbonates”. AWhy do you think samsung started it?

      1. Because they want to knock down HTC, before they become too competitive. The words “samsung” and “android” are NOT interchangeable. There are other companies, besides Samsung, that make android phones.

        1. i know that, but what you just stated right now makes no sense and is not with accordance to your initial statement..rumor started by samsung->(how it impacts HTC and their sale) -> htc becomes knocked down..? how does a “rumor” stated by “samsung” affect htc by starting a “rumor” saying htc will be offering more variety of htc m8 versions..

          1. O.K., by building two high end METAL phones, HTC is saying that metal beats plastic, period. So Samsung starts spreading a rumor that basically states that HTC somehow realized that they were wrong, and PLASTIC is the way to go, making them(HTC) look foolish and stupid. It’s a good marketing tool, but maybe not many people(myself included) are buying into it. Do you get it now?

        2. anyways, this convo is getting silly

  11. I think this idea is pointless all together, but if they some how keep the same form factor but just simply in plastic, then it shows that Samsung needs to come with a better form factor. It’s not just material alone. Their are some metal body phones that have and designs in my opinion.

    1. it is great that we think because htc offers metal body now, other manufactures with android systems need to step up their games (competition), but most people don’t care of what the material is…do you ask your friends “oh what kind of phone is that?” or “oh, what kind of material is your phone made of??” so obviously samsung isn’t doing something horribly wrong by offering polycarbonates

  12. Aluminum dropped = nicely permenently dented phone
    Plastic phone = bounces with light scratchs and life moves on.

    1. I’d buy a soft touch polycarbonate version of the HTC M8. My M7 got damaged inside a Seidio Surface case. One tiny rock worked it’s way under the lip and it caused a pit in the aluminum. I’ve never had a plastic phone do that before. I’m never buying aluminum again.

  13. I think this would be a great idea for them. It would be an awesome mid range price phone. It would possibly put phones in the hands of people that don’t have the money for the more expensive model, which would put more money in HTC’s hands. Would it hurt the sales of the metal version? Not likely. People that can afford the metal version will most likely still buy it.

  14. April fools! Wait, what?

  15. Make it with a removable battery and they’re going to own the other half of the market. Those that want removable batteries and those that don’t care about that.

    1. Lol. HTC won’t own anything, other than a bunch of One’s they can’t sell.

      1. Your comment makes me sad inside. But it’s the truth…. Sob…

  16. Plastic? OMG, HTC is sucumbing to the depths of evil (and cheapness)… thats really fkkkd up, what will the HTC fanboys say now about Samsung phones? Not good move HTC, whats next? Call it HTC ONE C(rap)? haha

    1. grow up dude.

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