Samsung Galaxy S5 sales already said to be in the “millions” range



Samsung will have plenty to celebrate this week after another successful launch of a flagship. According to ZDNet Korea, the company has already surpassed 1 million in sales, and the train doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Demand is reportedly outpacing supply in many European countries, with some customers having to be turned away at certain stores and carriers.

The Galaxy S5 is said to be selling between 30% and 100% better than the Samsung Galaxy S4 did in the same time, lending credence to the belief that the Galaxy S5 was a more exciting jump over its predecessor than the Galaxy S4 was. It’s also possible that this feat was bolstered thanks to a simultaneous global launch as opposed to the staggered launch we’ve become used to. Either way, it’s good news for Samsung.

It’s especially good news considering the stiff competition Samsung has had to deal with this go-round. It’s not often your launch of a flagship device is met with the launch of a legit competitor’s flagship at nearly the exact same time, so to be able to pull these sales numbers without much of an issue makes it all the more impressive.

Of course, it’ll take a lot more than that to get the Galaxy S5 admitted into the illustrious 10 million club, but we have a feeling Samsung won’t have a problem achieving that. Were you one of the millions of souls who helped contribute to this sales feat? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. For better or worse, it seems the Galaxy S series is becoming the iPhone of Android phones. Everyone else is left fighting for scraps. That being the case, they need to have more storage options at launch :P

    1. Yes, they sure do. It makes business sense to launch the 32gb version later though.

      1. What’s the point when you can expand to 128

    2. It’s unnerving (and has occurred to me at times over the past year) but you may be right. The iPhone and it’s followers may have just changed forms but they’re still out there, unreasonable and vicious as you like.

    3. unlike iphonys, Galaxy’s let you install microSD’s.

      1. Which is great, except Google broke transferring apps to SD in Kitkat, so now the SD card has limited usefulness. (And yes, they DID break it. It used to work… now it only works sometimes.)

  2. Well can’t knock Samsung they know how to sell the hell out of their plastic phones

    1. LG has been taking notes…

    2. They know how to market them (and use their monetary assets gained from cheaper device sales, appliance sales etc.). HTC and LG don’t quite have the budgets to do what Samsung does.

  3. congratulations Samsung

  4. Great, that mean it will be less OnePlus One owners out there. Thanks S5 buyers, I love having excellent phones that the masses do not own.

  5. I think it means all the people that had the Galaxy S3, but weren’t upgrade eligible, finally became upgrade eligible…LOL. Generaly consumers, don’t typically hop from one phone to another every year or even every 6 months, so that’s where I’d say the sales boomed for the S5.

    1. Not everyone makes enough money to buy new devices that often. Bear that in mind next time you insult millions of people (some of whom aren’t nearly as lame or stupid as you believe they are).

      1. I’m assuming you meant the article is an insult to some folks, because my intent definitely wasn’t that. Unless, somehow, you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. But yes, I agree that there are many that can’t afford to upgrade that often either. Some do manage to find ways though, by having a single backup phone to use and selling a smartphone at as close to full price as possible (when newly released). For me personally, I wouldn’t have been able to upgrade every year for the past 3, had I not been able to sell my previous phone and have enough money to cover the expense of the new upgrade.

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised. When I went to the t-mobile store on Friday to buy my HTC M8 there was a shitload of people buying a Galaxy S5 .

  7. ….. and cue HTC fanboys to start proclaiming how great their Metal Mate is.

    1. Not just HTC fanboys. Apple fanboys have been using the “all plastic devices are garbage and feel like garbage” argument since Samsung Galaxy devices actually started competing with the iPhone two years ago. Argument is flawed (because phone cases and because irrational insistence on metal).

    2. no one said the htc one was going to sell more than the gs5… and if you entire opinion about a phone is based off of sales than i suppose you think the iphone is superior?

      1. On the contrare, quite a few did. Even proclaiming this as HTC’s dethroning year

        1. well that’s just a silly irrational statement… like those who say apple is going to go bankrupt next year… we can ignore the obvious trolls.

    3. They can shove their metal in their rear.

  8. Hardware buttons, removeable battery, AMOLED and microSD FTW.

    1. Thought you liked the M8 more than the S5.

      1. Nope, my comment on the rumoured M8 plastic variant was a quote by an HTC exec talking about Samsung, who now needs to eat his words if the phone materialises.

  9. Virtual buttons? Unibody construction? Metal?

    No1curr. lolz

    The hype is reserved for the vocal minority on tech sites.

    1. Virtual buttons are the worst. Unibody gets rid of the removable battery option. And Metal is pointless when most people put their phones in cases.

      USB 3.0, Awesome screen and Camera, Water resistance, these are why this thing is selling like hotcakes.

      1. Let’s see that HTC m8 do well underwater.

        1. Texting my friends while drowning – very indie.

      2. And because massive marketing campaigns.

    2. Most people don’t even know what a metal unibody means or what Android is, for that matter (shakes head and weeps for humanity on the inside).

    3. Ermagerd! Lerlsperk!

    4. Metal bodies are stupid in a radio frequency device. I’d rather see the R&D to work around that expended on something else.

      The obsession with metal phones on Android is reserved for a vocal minority filled with iPhone envy.

      Just become another Apple cult pod and buy an iPhone already.

      1. you can have poor radio frequency and still be plastic… samsung was traditionally known for that.

    5. no one said the gs5 wasn’t going to sell more, if you feel that sales = everything, than i suppose you are admitting that the iphone is superior to the galaxy s series? People were just saying they had qualms with samsung’s design.

  10. Not surprised at all……galaxy sheeps are worse than the iphone sheeps…..galaxy, yum, must buy!

  11. I went to get the Nexus 5 but walked out the store with the S5.

    1. Yeah, even from xda, a lot of folks bought the one but actually switched to the s5.

  12. Where the haters at?

    1. returning their one’s for the s5 ofcourse.

      1. That’s why its so quiet here ;)

  13. Say hello to the iPhone 2.0. Samsung has had success before because their early Galaxy lines were actually innovative and awesome phones. Now they just cram the phone with gimmicks and claim their phone is the best just like Apple does. They gathered a HUGE fan base that are just as ignorant and loyal as Apple’s and they’ll keep selling a shitload of devices because of it. I used to be a Samsung fanboy. Owned every Galaxy S since the original and a few Galaxy tabs. Haven’t purchased a Samsung since I traded my S4 for an M7 though. Not even tempted to give up my M8 for an S5. I won’t even use most of their gimmicks…I mean “features.”

  14. Hello. There are so many lovely phones that it is down to personal choice i guess. I have used iphone and blackberry for several years. went with Samsung galaxy s3 2 years back. And just upgraded to S5. For all the negative comments by so many I find the S5 to be stunning. Awesome screen. Very good to hold. Touchwiz is very good now. Software is absolutely smooth- like butter !!. Love the s health– use the pedometer every day and also heart rate monitor is great. Camera is a beauty, fast and superb pictures– everybody who has looked has been stunned by the picture quality and screen. I personally didnot like itunes. Use snap pea, is simple and easy to use. S planner is the best calendar app that I have used- I can manage all my appts easily. Plays all my bollywood music with aplomb. For me it is there at all times- at work, at home, when i want to relax, when i want to workout and when I want to capture life moments- A true life companion. Amazing gadget.

  15. Here’s another one.

    From Pureviewclub (Nokia Camera)

    “But so far I have never seen any Android camera come this close to – or (to be completely honest) even surpass – Nokia’s PureView technology. You’ll find all original shots from this poston Flickr. Please have a look at those and tell me what you think.”


    Kudos to Sammy!

  16. Proof that people prefer a poly phone that bounces and gets lightly scratched from droppage then a permanently dented $700 tinfoil anchor

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