Phandroid Recap: Types of Android Users, WTF Samsung, and Android TV [April 6-12]



Another crazy week is in the books. A lot of great news and original content went up on the site this week. Google’s next attempt at the living room leaked, Samsung’s new flagship phone launched, we told you about some great tips for your new phone, and we had a lot of fun with some other featured stories. In order to make sure you don’t miss any of this stuff we have the Phandroid Recap. Below you will find all the big stories and featured articles from the last week. Don’t miss a single thing!

The 5 Types of Android Users


After browsing Android Forums “post your home screen” threads we noticed that most Android users fall in the same five categories. Everyone is either a Stock Jock, Themer, Minimalist, Hot Chick, or Ugly Duckling. Each one of these users sets up their home screens in a very specific way. You may not fit perfectly into just one of these, but you will be in at least one. We also gave each one of these unique Android users a favorite beverage and item from McDonald’s. If you haven’t read “The 5 Types of Android Users” yet go check it out and tell us which one you are!

Android TV

Android TV Apps

Google TV didn’t do so great. You know it. We know it. Google knows it. So what’s next? Their next attempt at the living room will be called “Android TV,” and thanks to a leak earlier this week we know a little about it. If you think of Google TV as a Swiss army knife, Android TV is like the corkscrew attachment. Google TV was trying to do so many different things that it didn’t do any single thing great. Android TV is more like a Roku. It just focuses on streaming media apps and search. be sure to check out the article to see more screenshots.

The 7 most WTF Galaxy devices ever made


Samsung has made some weird stuff in the past. Like, really weird. With the launch of the Galaxy S5 this week we decided to take a look back at some of the weirdest devices Samsung has launched. A few devices from the list include the Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Gear, and Galaxy Beam. We have to applaud Samsung for not being afraid to try so many terrible ideas. Which Samsung device won the award of “Most WTF?” You’ll have to read the article to find out!

6 high-priced Android apps worth the money

android money

Let’s be honest, when it comes to buying apps we can all be a bit stingy with our cash. Most of us have no problem shelling out $200 for the latest Samsung device, but dropping a couple of bucks on some app seems so much more difficult. It’s a very strange situation. We think there are plenty of apps out there that are worthy of your hard-earned cash. Here are 5 “high” priced apps and 1 cheapy for your consideration. Check them out and throw the devs a few bucks if you can.

Project Ara MDK shows how the devices will work

project ara

Project Ara has been a popular topic on the site, but a lot of that has been because of how cool the concept videos and renders look. We haven’t seen a ton in terms of real life use and how this crazy idea will actually work. This week, however, Google released the Module Developer Kit for developers. Along with this they released some guidelines to show how devices will look. Project Ara devices will come in small, medium, and large sizes. Once you decide what size board you want you can start adding modules. To find out more check out the full article.

Rest of the Best

Here are some other articles and featured stories you should check out!

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