Samsung says Galaxy S5 showcases “meaningful innovation” in latest ad; do you agree? [POLL]


The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is barreling toward us (going down on most major carriers this Friday, in case you don’t know), and Samsung’s looking to ramp up the advertising to get people excited. Their latest ad has hit YouTube, with the South Korean company touting “meaningful innovation” in their latest flagship.

Whether or not you believe anything they’ve done is “meaningful” is up to you to decide, but we imagine those who aren’t expecting a rocket-sized list of improvements on a tight yearly release schedule are perfectly fine with the device.

Be sure to watch the ad above if you’ve got half a minute to spare today. Once you’ve wrapped up, why not drop a poll below and head to the comments letting us know if you think the Samsung Galaxy S5 is truly innovative.

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  1. Yes, although the “no”s outweigh the “yes”s two to one so far. I bet if this poll was about the M8, it would be reversed, when in fact, the M8 did nothing meaningfully different from the One, but it sure looks good.

    Meanwhile, the S5 has added a slew of different features, fingerprint scanner, IP67, upgraded screen, upgraded camera, and better power management. I’d say those are meaningful features.

    1. This.

    2. It’s upgraded, but in which way?
      There is a 1080-2k upgrade, but there is also another kind of upgrade, such as 2600MaH-2800…
      The Galaxy S5 became just like the iPhone. Yes, it can do an hour long show about all the amazing improvements, but when you get down to it, it’s not really amazing…
      Just noting, being better than competition doesn’t mean you’re good. i invite you to talk once G3 is out.

      1. Are you asking about the screen? They’ve changed screen technology. Independent reviewers are calling it the best screen they’ve ever tested.

        1. Thats false. Its the same screen.

          1. And straight from the source

            The S5 has a much improved screen.

      2. Lol. What’s not amazing about. He said lg3. Lol. That Samsung little brother. LG will never be better than Samsung. Lol

    3. These upgrades aren’t innovations though. They’re iterations.

      Meaningful iterations I would agree with.
      Innovation? Nope.

      1. Screen, battery, and camera can be considered iterative improvements. IP67, fingerprint and heart rate monitor, not so much. I guess you can quibble on what exactly qualifies as an innovation, but that’s rather subjective.

        1. Innovation – n. – a new idea, device, or method

          They’re not innovations because other companies have had waterproof smartphones and smartphones with fingerprint sensors on the market for years. The heart rate monitor sensor is a joke too. You know there are apps that can measure your heart rate on literally any smartphone with a camera and a flash right?

          If it were actually “innovative” to pull features from competitors products into your own, then Apple would be the most innovative company on the planet. But it’s not.

          1. They’re the only ones in town with USB 3.0 and IsoCell tech. Both of those are truly meaningful

          2. I’m not arguing that there aren’t meaningful improvements.
            My only argument is in semantics.
            Companies keep using “innovation” to describe features that are 100% iterative.

            Moving to a new version of a USB standard that’s already in the marketplace isn’t innovation.
            It’s the epitome of iteration.

            And Isocell tech is simply current BSI photodiodes with a tweak that makes them function slightly better than old designs.
            Again, that might as well be the definition of iteration.

          3. If it’s unique, patented, trademarked, and a first, can’t we just agree that it’s actually new? So, that would fully qualify IsoCell, and partially qualify the heartbeat sensor. Which means they are the ONLY cell phone on the market that actually was innovative, and not just iterative.

          4. Actually, if you call anything new an innovation, then just about every single smartphone is innovative in some way.
            But that diminishes the importance of innovation.

            I’m not trying to say that Samsung hasn’t been innovative(or apple, or motorola, or htc). All of these companies have contributed at least a few great new ideas to the smartphone market. But the S5 simply doesn’t have any “meaningful innovations”. All of the improvements are iterations. Which is totally fine, and it is a fantastic phone any way you look at it. I just take issue with them leaning on the marketing buzzword “innovation”. Apple does the same thing FAR FAR too often.

          5. This. The Xperia Z2 is the more innovative phone than the one and s4

        2. The heartrate monitor can be used on any device including an iphone

  2. Compared to HTC’s recent M8 advertisements, this is a masterpiece.

    1. Nick J. Fury. That is all that needs to be said, ever.

      1. What are you talking about?

        1. Probably a reference to the Downey Jr, sometimes known as Iron Man, influence in HTC’s commercials.

          1. See above

        2. Nick Fury (somewhat annoyingly) flashes his HTC One in thenew Captain America. This is coming from a very satisfied m7 owner.

      2. Nick Fury (somewhat annoyingly) flashes his HTC One in thenew Captain America. This from a very satisfied m7 owner.

    2. Considering that the M8’s front is riddled full of holes for speakers and that it has a black bezel the size of the Bering Strait I’m inclined to think it’s not as great as people say it is.

  3. Iterative.

    Features like knock to turn on, touch to re-focus, always on voice search, tilt to scroll, etc…
    These are innovations. I don’t see anything innovative with the S5. They’re just pulling in a few new features from other manufacturers to add to what they already had going in the S4.

    The heart rate sensor is a gimmick and you could already accomplish the same thing with apps on any phone with a camera/flash. The rest of the hardware is simply iterative from the s4.

    So; “meaningful innovation”?
    They should have gone with “meaningful iteration”.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Beautifully said.

    2. USB 3.0
      IsoCell technology and a TON of other camera improvements
      Fingerprint Scanner that does more than just unlock the phone
      Better screen tech
      Bigger battery
      Extreme battery saver mode
      Water Resistance
      (They already have tilt to scroll)
      (Voice search is always on in the home screen…they don’t have the drivers from Qualcomm to use the microphone processor for always on)

      So, no, they didn’t do Knock knock, but they didn’t figure they needed to with the home button. Which of the above are you actually complaining about?

      1. I’m not complaining about any of the features themselves.
        I’m complaining that they’re trying to call them innovations.
        Iterating upon existing technology simply isn’t “innovation”.

        1. How are the new features of s5 NOT innovation? Improvement is innovation. I’d like to see examples of the past 5 years of smartphone makers which you classify as “innovation”. I own an S5 and I think its pretty innovative from what I’ve experienced so far. I’m getting more from this smartphone in terms of usability and practicality then anything else I’ve had in the past.

          1. It’s a fantastic phone, don’t get me wrong…

            I think we’re just disagreeing on when it’s appropriate to call something new an innovation. If you call literally any new idea or implementation an innovation then literally every smartphone on the market is innovative. And I think that diminishes the impact that the word should have when marketing a product. I think it should be saved for completely new ideas, not tweaks on old ideas.

            For example:
            Knock to wake. No-one had done anything like it before, and it was genuinely useful. Or how about samsung’s hover-over tech. They were the first to really make it functional with a smartphone.

            However, when you take an established technology like a BSI photodiode camera sensor and tweak it slightly to improve its performance? I don’t think that’s worthy of the innovation buzzword. It’s an iterative improvement on an established technology. Same with the heartbeat sensor. Heartbeat apps that use the camera/flash have been on the market for years. Adding a sensor for it is just an iterative improvement.

  4. Innovation shouldn’t be so damn fugly……..

    1. I’ve always thought they looked pretty sweet, ever since the SGS3

      1. S3 and S4 look nice, but the S5?? I’ll go with fugly.

  5. And the Poll says it all… try again Samsung

    1. Doesn’t mean anything, just tells us we have allot of HTC fanboys on this site which we already knew, lot’s of US users probably.

      HTC does really well in the US, not so much elsewhere.

      1. The amount of htc fanboys are very small I’m comparison to the Samsung fanboys on this site(example: read most of the comments on this article)

        1. Most of the comments come from people frustrated with the poll results. It doesn’t make sense that someone would vote “no” and then post a comment defending Samsung. The logical conclusion based on the poll results is that Samsung “fanboys” are outnumbered on this site.

          Posted from my LG Flex

        2. The results of the poll’s here are more telling than the comments.

          Considering Samsung sell many more devices than HTC, shouldn’t that be represented in the poll’s? Strange that it’s never the case.

          HTC can win all the poll’s here they want, customers will vote with their wallets and year on year HTC is losing by a massive margin.

  6. Well, let’s see, in addition to substantial screen improvements:


    lots of camera tech:



    USB 3.0 (something no other mainstream phone manufacturer has done yet):


    A slew of battery and power innovations:


    Plus USB 3.0, Download Booster and the rest…..

    But no, it’s not aluminum….. So I guess it doesn’t count.

    1. The number of links in the comment above is too damn high.

      1. Doesn’t make him wrong…

    2. I will miss the build quality in my Sony Xperia Z and ZU GPE when I upgrade, but I’m trading it for some of their of their inovations.

    3. Don’t forget that you can download over 4G LTE and WiFi at the same time to download super fast! That’s a feature no other device has.

    4. my problem with statements like that is you people act like aluminum is the ONLY thing the one can do. All of these phones can all do the same exact crap… the One just happens to be aluminum on top of that, and Samsung happens to be waterproof. Jeez.

      1. ou seem to be under the false impression that I dislike the HTC One. I don’t, it’s a damn good phone. I have some qualms with the camera (having used UltraPixel on my M7), but the M8 was very nearly my next phone. HTC makes very nice, and very innovative phones. The problem I have is that Samsung does as well, and to often I see people who dismiss any Samsung phone simply because they don’t like the material it’s made out of. This is a preference, both metal and plastic have pros and con’s. the point I was trying to make was not that the HTC One is only the sum of it’s Aluminum (it’s not), but rather that the S5 can be a good phone even though its not aluminum.

        1. yes it seems that i have misinterpreted your post. fair enough i agree with you. I dont think that the S5 isnt good because its not aluminum, that would be silly. Maybe some think so, i just think that at this point all of these flagships are 85% the same. All have access to the same apps, all last all day, all have gorgeous 1080p screens, all are extremely quick and powerful and rock LTE, etc. I think now its the small details that set them apart, so some people tend to harp on those. There will always be those who exaggerate. Samsung’s phones are plastic yes, but it doesn’t feel like crap. They are sturdy and reliable. I think for many, if you could choose between two phones that for your personal usage are considered equal, which one would you go for, the more attractive or the less attractive one.

          Also some people care about the look of their phone the same people care about the looks of their car. Some care a lot and others consider a car just something to get you from point A to point B. I just don’t get why these fanboys feel the need to bash everything every other manufacturer does. (htc and samsung and apple fanboys, not singling anyone out)

          1. I agree with you completely. A great example is my choice between to S5 and the M8. For me it came down to camera. I use my phone as my primary point and shoot. I print pictures out for albums, display them in large digital frames, ect. The M8’s UltraPixel is simply not conducive to this. The 4mp images don’t look good beyond certain uses. This, however, does not mean that it’s a bad camera. The technology in the UltraPixel allows for some great pictures in varying light conditions. As HTC says, many people do not use phone pictures for anything that requires a larger megapixel count. So this is a great camera for many, but not for me. There is no reason for me to bash something simply because it’s not what I personally want or need. So yes, agreed in full!

      2. um. The One can’t do ANY of the things Samsung listed in the commercial we are talking about. LOL.

        1. yeah the one doesnt have a 5 inch 1080p display or claim a new and improved camera….

          1. Did you even watch the ad? The One does NOT have a great 16mp state of the art camera, the One does NOT have a heart rate sensor, The One is NOT water and dust resistant, and the One does NOT have a 5.1″ FULL HD Super AMOLED Display which is the brightest, dimmest, and highest contrast ratio-ed screen to date. So how you claim the One does “the same exact crap,” except it’s aluminum, is beyond me.

          2. im sorry but i didnt see anything about 16 mp in the ad. Amoled is cool tech, but its still “Arguably” the best display, many people prefer LCD. Heart rate monitor? dont make me laugh. In either case, the both do the exact same crap except for a few minor details is simply. They both have all day battery life, they both have top notch 1080p displays, they both have cool camera tech, they both have nfc, LTE, super fast processors, same app store, smooth UI’s, IR blasters, bla bla bla… the differences come down to the details. Samsung has removable battery and is water proof, and a certain aesthetic. HTC has front facing speakers and another aesthetic. The differences in devices are so minor. That was my point.

          3. The ad speaks of the state of the art camera, I elaborated on what that state of the art camera includes. You can have your opinion on whether you personally don’t find any of the features useful, but that’s not the point of my post, so I’m not sure why you’re commenting on such. What I am saying to you, is that your statement that the HTC One does all of the things the GS5 does, is FALSE, and furthermore, the One include ANY of the same GS5 features highlighted in that commercial.

          4. showing content in 1080p, they both do that, improving on their camera features, they both do that, heat rate sensor? you mean an app from the playstore any android phone can use? They both do that. So we’re back to the water proofing which i originally stated was a difference maker. Wether you buy a Sony Xperia, or LG G2, or M8, or GS5 they can all pretty much do the same crap with the exception of a few specific differences….. which was my original statement. If you make a list of every feature each phone has you’ll come down to 90 similarities and about 5 differences each.

            I like everything the gs5 has to offer (waterproofing is huge in my opinion), just wish people would stop acting like any phone that has something samsung doesnt that that’s the ONLY feature that phone has. The G2 is *only* a phone with buttons on the back. HTC One is *only* a metal phone. The Xperia was *only* water proof. No, they all have a very very extensive list of common features, those are simply the additions that they use to try to stand out. Big difference.

          5. I’m actually, very tired of repeating myself and debating this, so this will probably be my last response, but again, the camera of the HTC One is inferior, the HTC One does NOT have a built in Heartrate Sensor, the HTC One is NOT dust and water resistant and the HTC One does NOT have the same screen technology. I’m not even elaborating on whether I think some of those features are beneficial or even useful. I’m just saying, those are the facts, and to say otherwise is not correct. I do agree that each phone has it’s own unique thing going for it, though, and at least for myself, I certainly don’t think each is limited to just one standout feature. A problem I DO have with HTC in regards to this phone though, is I feel like THEY are relying on the metal too much. I used to be HTC’s biggest FANBOY, but after the disappointing sales of the M7, I feel they really needed to knock it out of the park this time with (and I’m not trying to be funny) “meaningful innovation,” and I think they failed. It seems to me they are just betting on riding this “premium material” garbage. When I wanted to see, “what do you have that’s gonna make me buy this metal phone when I passed on last year’s?” It just seems to me that the metal is the only “wow factor.”

          6. and im tired of repeating myself. i’m not saying every single part in each phone is identical i said they all do the same crap. So yes they both have 1080p screens, sure its a different type of screen but they both have very good 1080p screens. You can download an app to use the phones camera as a heart-rate sensor, sure you have to go out of the way and download an app, but it CAN do it. Even if the gs5 camera is better they BOTH can take nice looking photos with the camera phone…. They can all DO virtually all the same crap, sure there are some differences in how things are done, and that’s how these manufacturers have to differentiate themselves… but they can all DO virtual the same crap.

            In order for my comment to be wrong you will have to say that the HTC/Sony/LG cannot display HD content, don’t have “improved camera tech” over their predecessors, and cannot monitor your heart rate. Well if you said those thing’s you’d be wrong.

            I do think the gs5 has advantages over the htc one, i also think the one has a few over the gs5, and that xperia z2 on paper has a few advantages as well as the g2. But I’m sure i’d be satisfied with any of them, because they can all virtually do all the same crap. I just have to weigh the pros and cons of the little differences between each one.

          7. I actually, amended my response since originally posting. Not sure if you saw it. Again, I just basically feel HTC, themselves, and wrongfully so, is relying on the metal too much.

          8. nah i didnt notice. That’s a fair statement, if you feel they are putting too much emphasis on design.

          9. You know? I really wanted to see HTC recover from their slump. I wanted a “take that Samsung” moment of innovation, of features that truly changed the game, because THEN things would have gotten exciting. And that would have just served to push everyone, including Samsung harder. But instead we got “We know you all hated the camera last year, so we made it even worse. And we know you didn’t buy the phone last year, so we made it look very similar, only less comfortable. But IT’S ALL PREMIUM METAL!!!!!”

          10. well this is where we differ in opinion, i really like the feel and design of the One, and i know a lot of people do. I don’t think the metal was a negative to the general at all. I think they dropped the ball on the camera. I didnt see anywhere that it was worse, i saw the camera quality was the same but they added a few nice features.

            I think if they would have just updated the camera quality then it would have been perfectly fine. When i first heard dual camera, i thought one Ultra pixel camera and one regular. But i really do like the Ufocus effect, just hate that things allegedly get blown out in day time.

          11. No, we actually DON’T disagree. I don’t think the metal was a bad idea at all (though I do think it’s an issue that one version is just too slippery). I think the problem is that they needed to put as equal time and emphasis on creating something else spectacular with this phone, and I too, think it could have been as simple as the camera. If they had put out this phone, but with an amazing, camera, that could have made the difference for many.

          12. indeed

  7. So many people say it that I won’t reply seperatly, but with a new comment…
    Spare me saying it’s the best screen ever! Just.. don’t!
    Since all the screens are still 1080p, it makes SENSE it’ll be the best screen ever! Each new phone that’s released is the ‘best phone ever’, since technology is IMPROVING!!
    So being the best ever, doesn’t mean you are much better! It might not be even visible, just under lab testing!
    So spare saying it has the ‘best screen ever’. It might be true, but it doesn’t mean, ANYTHING!

    1. It’s the same as the term “political correctness”. We’ve all become so sensitive on meaningless issues like nationality, culture and religion that everyone is afraid to be frank about things (but still polite when possible).

    2. You’re right…wait, no, you’re not. They produced the brightest, dimmest, and highest contrast ratio-ed screen to date. That actually means something, whether you are trying to use it in direct sunlight or in a super dark environment. Also, correct color balance IS important, and Samsung’s AMOLED screens have been called into question for being too green. Rectifying that completely is a huge step in silencing those nay-sayers. This has nothing to do with RESOLUTION, but actual usability and enjoyment of the phone.

      Also, the vast improvements that came with IsoCell for the camera, the fingerprint scanner that does more than just unlock the phone, USB 3.0 for faster data transfers/quicker charging, Water resistance, and the Extreme Battery Saver mode on top of a bigger battery…These are all meaningful improvements.

      1. If I didn’t think you’re getting paid I would’ve argued, but it’s obviously useless. Just wait for the G3 and the OnePlus people. Just wait.

        1. So respond to his assertion, tell him why he’s wrong. Calling him “prayed for” and telling him to wait for unreleased phones is not a constructive rebuke.

        2. Wow, no way to rebut, so throw out a frivolous claim. I’ve been a member of this site’s forums since 2010 (before they had Disqus). I’m a shipping guy for an electrical supply house (breakers and fusible switches, not phones, etc.), as well as being a Violin Teacher. My first phone was a G1, and my first tablet was the Viewsonic GTab. Once the floodgates opened, I’ve always looked for the phone with the fewest trade-offs and went with that one. I’d have gone with the Evo after the G1, but I wasn’t on Sprint. Instead, I got the SGS and slapped an FFC on it. My GTab died, so I got a Transformer Prime, which I still own. Again, fewest trade-offs on the market at the time. Then, I went with the SGS3. I was tempted by the One when I broke my screen last year, but the fact is, it has too many trade-offs (non-removable battery, no SD Card, lame camera), plus, I didn’t like the look. The Z1 looked sweet, but didn’t have a removable battery or SD card. Same with LG’s offering. So, I fixed my phone and moved on. I’ve said it before, but I’ll do it again. G2, Z2, One M8. They’re all great flagship phones, but no other phone on the market matches the SGS5’s offerings without some significant trade-off. And yes, I think it’s the best phone ever created to date. Do I think that crown will last a year? Of course not. But I bet it’ll be another Samsung that topples it. Note 4, anyone?

          1. Its popular to hate Samsung now. I wouldn’t worry about his response. People think that hating Samsung makes them some kind of Android pro. Having owned HTC, Sony, Samsung, and others, I can safely say that every manufacturer has their strengths and weaknesses.

          2. One thing there – the z1 has a SD slot

        3. OnePlus. LOL. Never made a phone, but its gonna demolish everything else. Yea, ok.

        4. Lol, there’s always something to wait for. When the G3 comes out, some people will note that newer phones from competitors have been rumored and will come up soon, etc. It’s neverending. For a vauluable (and meaningful) comparison, you have to look at what’s available now.

          PS: I’m also waiting for the G3 and I’ll pass on the S5 (Although I have a S4 that I really like)

      2. THANK YOU for your meaningful comment.

  8. Please Sammy, no need to be paranoid and talking about so called meaningful features in S5. Let customer be the judge. Last time I got fooled with useless features, only thing truly good was larger Galaxy S4 screen. Brightness/sharpness was a bit relative.

  9. You’re proving yourself wrong

    1. Its become popular to hate samsung. Everyone wants to root for the underdog. Show me another phone with a heart rate monitor, finger print scanner, and water resistance all in a single package. Other phones have one of these things, but this is the first one I’ve seen to have all of those features. I swim laps in the pool at my local gym. The galaxy gear 2 will track my heartrate throughout my workout. That is pretty cool if you ask me!

      1. Yeah, it’s great and super meaningful. Except I would only use the heart rate monitor on the phone one time just to see it work before I forgot it existed, and would never use the finger print scanner. But they’re super meaningful for sure.

        Water resistance is good, though not exactly innovative (Sony)

        1. I own a sony Xperia Z, and a Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I know that water resistance isn’t something Samsung invented. Also, you not using the heart rate monitor doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful. I go to the gym a few times a week. I take a pad of paper with me and write down my heartrate throughout my workout. Anyone who has done cardio knows that a heartrate monitor is a helpful feature. I also have to keep my phone locked with a password because I work in I.T. with lots of sensitive info in my phone. A finger print scanner will save a lot of time every day. People are just looking for an excuse to hate on Samsung.

          1. Water resistant phones were not invented by Sony either:


            Completely agree with you on the heart rate monitor and finger print scanner though!

        2. Wait… did you just say Sony invented water resistant phones?

      2. Ppl hate apple and Samsung cause they are the one to beat. Its that simple.

      3. every phone with a flash and a camera has a heart beat monitor. go to the play store and search heart beat monitor and download the first app. it’s just as accurate. the heart beat sensor on the s5 is a gimmick. my s4 is just as accurate

      4. sony has had water proof phones for a while now, And sooo many people question how meaningful a heart rate monitor really is. I don’t think its popular to hate samsung, i think people got tired of samsung fanboys shitting on every other phone. So kind of like a defense mechanism they have started to hate back.

        They are all great phones no matter how you slice it.

    2. That would work for polls as well, maybe we have paid HTC members right here. It would explain allot.

    3. How do commenters get paid? Samsung is great! MY TV, LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE, & TABLET ARE ALL SAMSUNG PRODUCTS! PAY ME!!!!

      1. Amen to that. So far I’ve paying samsung, not the other way around.

  10. Samsung doesn’t innovate!! HTC does… After all they managed to put a micro sd card slot in their flagship phone this year… isn’t it awesome? -_-‘

    1. And you call that innovating for HTC….okay!

      1. ***sarcastic face added lol!!

        1. Oh OK lol

    2. I hope that was sarcasm. Not defending Samsung but come on.

      1. Lol hell yeah I was being sarcastic.

  11. Nope

  12. no they don’t and haven’t ever since the s3

  13. Not at all, the Galaxy line has become stagnant. The Galaxy Nexus on up were all the same phone, Galaxy Nexus, S3, S4, now S5, all they do is change the look a tiny bit, make the screen incrementally larger, and put a bigger chip in it. Sure it has a fingerprint scanner, but the iPhone has that too and other devices just might as well. There’s nothing new or special about the phone overall, nothing that makes it worthwhile, overall it’s ugly and uses a new but not improved usb 3.0 plug, and is not worth buying. I buy a used phone each year, this year I’m getting the S4, but I’ll be skipping the S5 next year and finding a way to get the s6 or something else, the s5 will never be worth it. It’s ugly and not innovative or even an improvement.

    1. Don’t know what G Nex you were playing with, because my G Nex was NOWHERE near an S4 or S5.

  14. Not only does this poll misrepresent what Samsung said in the commercial, it seems most commenters are missing the point also. The commercial does not simply say the GS5 “showcases meaningful innovation,” the point of the commercial, as FULLY stated is: “Meaningful Innovation Begins When Inspired by What Matters to You.” In other words, “We know most consumers’ biggest concerns are for better performing cameras, fitness features, water resistance, and large, gorgeous, vivid screens with great readability, so we are giving those things to you, and THAT is why our phone features MEANINGFUL innovation. Unlike a gimmicky, bad, 4mp “duo camera,” with faux 3D effects, and a slippery metal back, which are not meaningful to you, because you haven’t been asking for those things as top priorities. You have told us what matters to you most, and we are addressing those things with the GS5, and only when you address the things that truly matter to the consumer, does meaningful innovation begin.” It’s a total diss to it’s competitors (namely HTC) and is totally true.

    1. really? because it sounds like a lot of people have been asking for that “slippery metal back”

      1. First off, NO ONE has been asking for a slippery back. You would be out of your mind to WANT your phone to be slippery. And as for a metal one, “A lot of people,” have asked for that on THIS SITE. And other TECH SITES. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the average real word consumer does not care about a metal phone vs a plastic one. The numbers don’t lie. HTC has been unsuccessful moving their metal devices while plastic phones sell like hotcakes. A metal phone is NOT meaningful innovation to the general population, and especially not a slippery metal one. And even among the vast swath of people who purchase Samsung phones, if you ask them “what is more important to you? A great state of the art camera on a grippy phone, or a bad camera on a phone with a slippery metal back?” Do you really think they’d choose the metal back? No.

        1. I used slippery in quotations to imply i was referring to the build… YEs no one cares specifically about metal vs plastic, they just want a nice phone. The general public also never complains that a phone is metal.. only people on this site do…. and if you want to talk about what the general public wants, we can scratch off sd card slots and removable batteries too.

          To think that sales of the gs4is the primary factor in judging the quality of an HTC phone then you my friend are incredibly simple minded.

          1. If that is what you gleamed from my comment, than it is apparent that you are the one who is simple minded. First, you claim to have “used slippery in quotations to imply i was referring to the build…” when the more obvious, and grammatically correct usage, is the simple fact that you were quoting what I said. You didn’t just put slippery in quotes, you took an exact quote, “slippery metal back,” from my previous comment. And no one, including myslef is complaining that a phone is metal. I AM, however, complaining that this phone is SLIPPERY. You seem to not understand that those are two different things. Do you not realize that not all fabrications of metal are slippery? As for sd cards and removable batteries, Samsung does NOT mention them in this commercial, so I’m not sure why you even are now. You do realize this post was regarding a SPECIFIC commercial with a SPECIFIC statement, about a SPECIFIC set of features? Maybe you should view it again, or actually view it for the 1st time.

          2. sigh.. if you didnt have a problem with it being metal then you could have just as easily left metal out of your statement and could have just said “slippery back.” Adding the word metal in there implies you have an issue with metal in general. Like when someone says “samsung’s cheap plastic” instead of samsung just feels cheap, the automatic response is that plastic is better than metal because the original statement suggest plastic in general was a bad way to go.

            And yes i used the quotes to quote what you said but at the same time to mock its reference to the build in your statement. Like when you use air quotes when you talk.

            Samsung doesn’t have to mention them in the commercial, i wasnt mocking anything samsung said, i was mocking what YOU said, so i don’t have to only go by what was said in the commercial. You pointed out general consumers likes and dislikes for metal, that wasnt in the commercial either. Or do i have to follow rules that you dont follow yourself?

          3. Again, you missed the point. When referencing a “slippery metal back,” in my original post, I wasn’t even speaking my opinion, I was speaking in Samsung’s voice in the commercial, interpreting what THEY are saying. Read it again.

          4. That’s fine, but for future reference you posted ” It’s a total diss to it’s competitors (namely HTC) and is totally true.” when you add “it is totally true” you are saying that your opinion aligns with what you are interpreting Samsung to be saying.

          5. I know that. And I DO agree with Samsung’s spot. I agree with the ENTIRETY of the statements, not just “I have a problem with metal,” as you are for some reason trying to pin on me. Fyi, the M7 is NOT too slippery.

        2. Actually, the average consumer does care about style with their electronics. If we’re talking about style, you are going to care about build quality and materials.

          1. No one said otherwise. We were not talking about style. We were talking about metal. And plastic.

          2. Yeah, I was talking about style. Style and durability has everything to do with metal vs plastic. HTC has been selling great phones for years and this newest phone is already starting to show signs of big numbers in other countries while the US is just starting to sell it. Also, Apple sells a bunch of metal phones called iphones. People care about materials…….and I don’t know where you ever thought they didn’t.

          3. You are so very wrong. Style and durability has ZERO to do with metal vs. plastic. Apple sold GLASS iPhones with tons of style, and that were notoriously not durable. And tons of people bought plastic iPhones too (that were actually, MUCH MORE durable). People don’t buy iPhones because they “care about” metal, they buy them because they care about Apple and iPhones, and the people that love their designs, appreciate a well crafted device, but said device does not have to be crafted out of metal to be stylish. That’s why people haven’t bought the One, it’s not an iPhone. Do you really think, if the iPhone 6 came out with an all plastic body, that no one would buy an iPhone again and the hundreds of millions would flock to the One? NO. Everyone would still buy those iPhones. The red Nexus 5 is one of the most stylish phones out there, and guess what? It’s plastic. The Nexus 7…stylish…also plastic. Motorola’s Moto X epitomized style in 2013-2014, and is made from plastic or wood, and is very durable. Nokia has been leading the charge for YEARS with phones demonstrating the UTMOST in style, and guess what? They all are plastic. And guess what? They also are extremely durable. Even Nokia’s new low end Android phone, is all plastic, and is one of the MOST DURABLE phones on the market. It’s very design, serves to protect the phone. The original M7 featured a plastic band around it that quickly discolored. The new M8, when dropped, instantly gets scratched, dented and dinged. Guess what? Drop a well crafted plastic phone, and I promise you it won’t show as much instant signs of damage as the metal body of the HTC One does. I have for a long time, dropped my plastic phones, and the most that happens is the battery cover pops off, and I pop it right back on. The M8 is not only slippery, it’s finish damages quickly and easily, unlike great plastic designs. So much for the superior “durability” of metal phones. And I don’t know where you got the idea that only metal equates style. You must have not ever heard of Motorola, Nokia, Google and Apple.

          4. Wow, I’ll bet that took a long time to type. You have your opinion (note, not fact) and I have mine. I’m short, sweet and to the point. You should never type novels on threads. It’s annoying…….
            By the way, you stated that “The M8 is not only slippery, it’s finish damages quickly and easily, unlike great plastic designs. So much for the superior “durability” of metal phones.” Well, I have the phone and it is not slippery. It’s also very durable and is comfortable in the hand. Just wanted to point that out……Peace!

          5. It’s actually, not an opinion. It’s fact. HTC did NOT invent style, nor did Apple, when they put out their 1st generation of metal iPhone. That is a FACT. So it is fact that a phone does not have to be metal to have style. 2nd fact: Hold a plastic Nokia X in one hand, and the HTC One M8 in the other, and drop them both to the concrete. The Nokia’s body will come out fine, the HTC one will be dented. Another FACT, not opinion.

          6. You must think I am a smartphone novice or something? Ok, your OPINION is the only thing that counts. You’re right and everyone else is wrong. You can have the last word and OPINION. Thank you and have a nice day. Peace!

          7. You’re a funny guy. You’re the one saying that there has never been a stylish plastic phone, yet I supposedly think my opinion is the only one that counts. Again, I’m not the one speaking in opinion here, you are. Style exists in all fashions, with all different types of materials, not just metal, and for you to say otherwise is silly. And again, a visible dent on a device is not opinion. It’s fact. Not sure why that seems to confuse you.

          8. I am soooo confused. Please help me. I respect your OPINION and you should respect others……..That’s all I was really trying to say. Judging by your past posts and debates with other people, you have a serious problem with that. Oh well, you have a good one! Peace!

          9. I respect everyone’s intelligent opinion. Stay focussed on our discussion and don’t divert toward what has happened with “others.” I am not dealing with opinions here, again, I’m speaking of facts. It is a fact that style exists in all different shapes and forms. It is not a fact that all metal phones are automatically more durable than all plastic phones, or vice versa. If you honeslty can’t see that, than yes, I would say you are confused. It is also a fact that a phone does not have to be metal to have style. Now, you may think the M8 is the most stylish phone you have ever seen, and that would be your opinion, but that’s a whole different thing. You can certainly say you like or prefer the style of the M8, but if you can’t acknowledge that style exists outside of the M8, that’s a clouded vision on your side, not a fact.

          10. Thank you for educating me. Have I earned my doctorate yet?

          11. Not trying to educate you. I’m commenting on a public board, in response to YOUR post to me. If you are not interested in, nor prepared for a response, I would suggest, in the future, you don’t post a direct comment to someone on a public board, in response to a post they made.

          12. Once again, thank you for educating me. You’re so smart and we are all so ignorant. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. Metal smartphones > plastic smartphones……..no wait, plastic > met…..no that can’t be……..

            Incidentally, in the future you should really listen to other opinions. You are not always right, despite what you were told as a child. Hang in there and maybe one day you’ll learn the true meaning of life.

          13. Once again, if you can’t engage in an intelligent discussion, without diverting to silliness, don’t comment to people. I could care less about educating you, nor did I know who the hell you were, until YOU contacted me. I would be more than satisfied to never have contact with you again. I never said anyone is ignorant, but I will say for you to be the one to initiate a discussion with someone and then take this condescending tone is beyond silly.

          14. I simply made an astute comment on an Android board. You have problems with other opinions. I’ve seen your kind my entire life. If someone doesn’t agree with you, they are always wrong and you are always right. Style does matter to most people and most people like metal for their electronics. These are not opinions, they are facts. You talking up plastic IS AN OPINION……not a fact. Do you comprehend my talking point? If you don’t, that’s ok…maybe S-Voice can help you. I have to get back to this thing I call a “life”. You should try it sometime. Peace!

          15. LOL. You’ve seen my kind all your life. And this from an online debate spanning minutes. Yet I’m the one with irrational opinions. Anyway, AGAIN, my post was on metal and plastic, NOT style. YOU brought style into it. I never said style doesn’t matter, so again, get a grip. You’re wrong. And again, the M8 dents and scratches easily. Fact.

          16. Mine doesn’t. Fact not opinion. I brought style into the fold because you said that “the average real word consumer does not care about a metal phone vs a plastic one.” I simply stated that they do care….because consumers want style in their smartphones. Wow, you really can’t comprehend, can you? You just need to quit while I’m ahead…………

          17. Are you really that foolish? I know what I said, and for like the 5th time, “the average real word consumer does not care about a metal phone vs a plastic one,” is not the same as saying consumers don’t care about style. Do you struggle with reading comprehension? There are MANY examples of stylish phones that consumers like, that are NOT metal. And most consumers, actually cover their stylish plastic and metal phones with CASES, also, usually made of plastic. Your “stylish” M8 even ships with a plastic case in the box, in the UK, to cover it’s less than durable metal back, and glass front. And on that note, I’m done. Please don’t randomly respond to another post of mine. I enjoy discussions with people who demonstrate logic in their comments. I’m very tired of this line of nonsense.

          18. Finally! Listen, in the future, try listening to other opinions and thoughts on subjects instead of trying to be the “end all be all”. By doing that, you will sound a lot more intelligent and not so asinine. Also, I will randomly respond anytime I want, especially when it involves stupidity or a lack of facts. On that note, I’m done. Peace!

          19. Thank you for educating me. Have I earned my doctorate yet?

          20. Noooooooo, not yet. You need better comprehension skills first. You’re getting there though.

          21. Once again, thank you for educating me. You’re so smart and we are all so ignorant. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.

          22. You are welcome, my good son. You are such a good student, NexusMan. Take it easy!

          23. I have to get back to this thing I call a “life”. You should try it sometime. Peace!

          24. Me too! Wow, it’s like you’ve been reading my thoughts….er, my posts.

          25. You just need to quit while I’m ahead…………

          26. Someone please vote this guy up!

          27. I simply made an astute comment on an Android board.

          28. You’re such a funny guy. Silly NexusMan, those are my thoughts and sayings………

          29. Someone please vote this guy up! Take it easy!

  15. This commercial sounded great on my HTC One M8’s speakers.

    1. But it looks better on the GS5’s screen.

      1. In my opinion, it looks and sounds better on the HTC One M8. That sexy metal design is just the icing on the cake though………

    2. Let’s just cut the shiiet now.. there all great phones! All of them including the iPhone.. so now I move on from that rant and speak on updates… Which is why my next phone WILL be (hopefully) a nexus 6 from LG with a 6inch 1080 curved screen with minimal bezel.it will probably be the size of the new HTC One but with more screens and ALWAYS up to date. I’m currently using the HTC one (2013) which is still a great phone but only nexus OR iPhone will keep me updated no matter what. So the poll for us people that enjoy technology for what it is , should be nexus 6 or iPhone6 .. but before you start hating cause I said iPhone I would only Try it if it had atleast a 4.7 inch screen.

      1. I doubt very much the next Nexus will have a 6″ screen. This would be larger than current phablets and unless they create two Nexus devices this time round I don’t think they will move past the 5″ screen. It’s 5″ screen is at the limit of my tolerance for a phone so I pray (to the flying spaghetti monster) it doesn’t.

        1. Ramen

        2. If the Nexus 5 is made even 1mm wider it’ll be too big in my opinion. The Moto X is the perfect size. Nexus 5 is as big as I’d go.

        3. How about5.5 with curved 1080 with the same footprint as a nexus 5? I just think lg/Google may go with the curved nexus to really make it stand out. Plus if you’ve ever tried/held the lg flex I’m sure you’d like it, but I guess your right about the 6 inch screen for most , but if your taller and have bigger hands than its not as big as most people think. My htC one (2013) , people claim they can’t touch the power button .. Well some of us can.

      2. Your opinion is great. Posted in the wrong place, though.

        1. I was just reposting something I had wrote that I wanted to share with more people.

  16. Outside IP67 in the GS5 there hasn’t been a Samsung device that interested me since the Nexus S.

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