Alleged photo samples from the OnePlus One leak, and they look great


oneplus one photo sample 3

There’s little doubt that the Sony-crafted camera inside the OnePlus One will be up to the task of taking some beautiful photos. We can’t say that for sure without seeing some samples from the device, but someone may have been able to leak a few early samples for us to gawk at.

The 13 megapixel camera was apparently responsible for the photo samples you see above and below. There’s no way to tell if these are legit, but if they are then users certainly don’t have anything to sneeze at when it comes to its prowess.

OnePlus says Never Settle was just as important for the camera as every other corner of this device. It contains a 6-lens setup with f/2.0 aperture for great lowlight performance and sharpness. Whatever it has, though, we’ll be more than pleased with its performance if shots turn out like the ones that you see here. April 23rd is the day that we learn all there is to know about the arrival of this exciting device.

[MyDrivers via PhoneArena]

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  1. Hi Anime girl!

    Yeah… giant pupil contact lenses are apparently a thing.

    1. They really are. All the asian chicks are doing it now and it looks really creepy :/

      1. Haven’t people in the far East in general (not just people from there) been doing that for years? Hate to sound like a hipster saying I was aware of it before it was cool.

  2. Quite certain her face/skin has been touched up… and if that’s been touched up, who’s to say what else in the photo has been, too.

    1. Oppo camera’s come with a beautify feature / filter that automatically touches up faces. There’s a good chance since these guys are coming from Oppo that this camera supports that feature too.

      1. Really? They’re building in that crap now? It looks so bad! I am mad and want to burn their building down now.

      2. What, are we all women now? I don’t want auto-makeup courtesy of my camera.

  3. I honestly don’t think the pictures look that good, they look way heavily processed…

  4. She needs to shave.

  5. The picture of the girl obviously used the front camera and had on the soft skin feature like the Galaxy S phones do. It’s usually on by default and actually ruins pictures because they look smeared or like water paint if lighting isn’t good. These pictures don’t look terrible, but they don’t look all that either. I don’t go by leaked photos do. We will have to see in a review. I know Samsung always have great cameras and even those leaked photos taken with it never look all of that. Leaked info usually lacks quality.

    1. I’ve noticed this on my S4. Is there any way to turn it off? Searched for “soft skin”, but it doesn’t seem to be the official name…

  6. The full size pics look horrible. I hope that’s because of jpeg compression otherwise the camera is going to suck.

    1. Needs more JPEG.

      1. More RAW!

  7. This camera looks terrible. Why so grainy?

  8. *Borat voice* How much for you?!

    1. Very nice!

  9. Yes I think she looks great :)

    1. Thought the same thing.

  10. CSI scan her eyes , zoom in and enhance till we see the phone

    1. Just use your bionic implant instead.

  11. better 1+1 pics here:


    please keep in mind that these pics were taken with a non-CM running prototype in beijing where there is a lot of fog hence the washed out sky as explained here:

  12. Great? Overexposed, lack contrast.

  13. Why da hell are we trying to rate an image that is heavily processed… really. either way its looks like crap. sigh.

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