Mar 12th, 2014


Samsung’s new 16 megapixel camera in the Samsung Galaxy S5 can capture photos with more pixels compared to the 13 megapixel sensor in the Galaxy S4, but what has the South Korean company done to improve overall performance? The answer is their ISOCELL CMOS technology, which introduces several new breakthroughs in mobile photography that enables DSLR-like photo quality in a sensor thin enough for a phone.

Truth be told, the person presenting the technology in this video throws a ton of terms that may go over a lot of people’s heads, but if you see the type of photos they say you can produce as a result of all that, that’s all you’ll need to know to get excited about the device’s camera sensor. You’ll be able to see the samples Samsung provided in the gallery below.

Of note is the sensor’s ability to capture lowlight photos with great clarity and quality. Of course, we can’t speak to these claims ourselves without having had a chance to test the device, but you can bet we’ll be looking to do that once the Samsung Galaxy S5 hits the market. Watch the quick presentation above.

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