Dropbox announces Carousel: new gallery app for sharing, organizing, and backing up photos to the cloud


Dropbox Carousel

Dropbox is on a roll. After announcing that they’ll be officially bringing Mailbox to Android devices later today, they’re also announcing their all new gallery app for Android and iOS called Carousel. Because simply dragging and dropping folders into your Dropbox account probably isn’t the best way to keep everything organized, Carousel looks to make this process easier by automatically grouping photos according to when and where they were taken.

Carousel screenshots iOS

Photos are also backed up to the cloud, stored in their full resolution, and are extremely easy to share with loved ones. There’s even a social aspect where friends and family can comment on photos that have been shared with them, or add a few photos of their own.

We have a feeling Carousel is the fruit of Dropbox’s acquisition of Snapjoy back in 2012. Dropbox says Carousel will be available later today, and we’ll be updating this post later with a Google Play link as soon as it is. Check out the launch trailer below.

Update: Link is now live.

Download on Google Play: Carousel


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  1. I don’t understand. Will Dropbox go to my parent’s house and scan all the photo albums my mom has created over the years?

  2. Huh? It’s a seperate app?

  3. The video made me tear up…. Good stuff

  4. I think I’ve seen it somewhere… Hmmmm… Of course! iOS photos app!

  5. Screw privacy lets share everything with the entire world because everybody wants to know everything we are doing every single second of every single day.

  6. So…just like Google+ Photos? Am I missing something?

  7. Tried the app, I really don’t see the point. I prefer the ‘folder’ album found in Dropbox.

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