Dec 19th, 2012

Dropbox has long held the title of top dog among cloud storage options, offering a fair amount of free storage with their reasonably priced GB options, and of course, desktop syncing. But with rival services from Cubby, Box, SugarSyc and even Google Drive, quickly encroaching on their turf, it seems Dropbox is having to think outside the, ahem, box if they want to keep their throne as the one — and only place — to store all your digital goods.

Last week we told you guys about Dropbox’s acquisition of Audiogalaxy, a streaming music service that allowed users to combine their own music with streaming radio. Having GB’s upon GB’s of storage is great, but wouldn’t it be make sense if you can store, sync, and stream your entire music library across devices? Looks as if Dropbox is thinking the same.

Today, Dropbox is continuing to make big moves in the world of the online storage, landing themselves with yet another piece of the “cloud domination” puzzle after acquiring Snapjoy — a photo storage and sharing service similar to Flickr/Picasa/etc. Uploading my photos to the cloud for secure storage is all good and dandy, but when it comes to sharing, Dropbox currently leaves a lot to be desire. Hopefully with Snapjoy under their wing, we’ll have a nice alternative to Instagram.

Just like with Audiogalaxy, Snapjoy has frozen signups and in a company statement posted to their blog, mirrored Audiogalaxy’s saying they look forward to working with Dropbox and their 100 milllion+ users. I’ve always been particularly fond of Dropbox and their latest move will keep them ahead of the pack when it comes to cloud storage services. I am excite.

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