HTC One M8 Ace featured in the ugliest press render ever


htc m8 ace leak

A couple of weeks ago, we were told to expect a couple of mid-range spin-off devices based on the HTC One M8. One of those phones was the HTC One M8 Mini, and the original source was almost certain it existed. The other was the HTC One M8 Ace, which the source seemed a bit less sure about.

But it appears we have a bit more solid evidence thanks to a rather ugly looking press render that has leaked. The latest image was delivered by @evleaks, giving us a look at a phone that is unusually concealed and quite blurry for these sorts of things.

The artifacting and pixelation on the bezels of the render make it hard to know of the M8 Ace is equipped with BoomSound, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. We also see a camera and a possible notification light or proximity sensor to the right. Finally, it looks like the M8 Ace has that same black strip of doom that everyone hates so much on the all new HTC One M8.

Beyond that, though, we aren’t given much to work with. If Samsung’s own “Ace” line of devices is anything to go by, we probably won’t be expecting this one to set the world on fire (but there’s nothing saying HTC can’t break the mold).

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  1. no bezel! its a winner.

    1. It has a bezel.

    2. It’ll definitely have bezel. They haven’t found out a way yet to move circuitry around for the speakers. That’s what’s under the bezel. Plus you still make out the bezel in the picture. I’m not sure why this is blurred, because it’s not hiding much. It could simple be a red one like rumored earlier in the month if not late last month. A stealth black one and a red one. I guess we will see soon.

      1. I thought they meant in a sense that there is very little bezel? I mean every device has bezel, it’s kinda impossible not to have it.

  2. At least one of these “mid rangers” will most likely head to Virgin Mobile USA like in the past.

    1. Didn’t even know people knew about Virgin Airlines in the USA, let alone Virgin Mobile.

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