HTC One M8 Mini rumors begin to form



We’d be lying if we said we didn’t think HTC would create a couple of spin-off devices based on the newly-announced HTC One M8. Rumors are already getting started, though, with @evleaks suggesting the HTC One M8 Mini is already in the works.

The “Mini” fad is one that seems to have exploded in popularity with all major manufacturers, though it hasn’t been without its pitfalls. For starters, “mini” usually means beefy internals are compromised for a more attractive price tag. It also doesn’t help that the “mini” versions of these phones are still often quite large (we could barely tell the difference between the original HTC One and HTC One Mini).

We long for the moment when one of these OEMs break the status quo and bring us a mini device that’s as powerful as the flagship. Sony was one of the first to do this with the Xperia Z1 Compact, and Motorola’s DROID Mini wasn’t terrible alongside the rest of the devices in that family, but that’s not nearly enough to satiate us.

The spin-off train might not stop there, though, with the same leakster teasing an “HTC One M8 Ace,” as well. There’s no telling what this device would be in terms of specs or size, but the last time a company brought out a device with “Ace” in its name we wanted nothing to do with it. Take that for what you will.

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  1. Evleaks has already given us full specs on the m8 Mini, including its 4.5″ Display. A lot of people are going to be mad it isn’t “a real mini”

    1. ikr..people always complain about something so you just gotta accept it, anything 4″ and smaller should be called m8 puny or s5 puny and so on

      1. +1000000
        I did not use my first Android phone (Optimus one) for much as it was just too small (3.5″). I pretty much exclusively used my Droid Charge (4.3″) in landscape,it was still too small to comfortably use in portrait. Now that I have a note 2 (5.5″), I finally have a device big enough to actually use in portrait. I could never go smaller than 5.2″, the G2 is even too small for me to use comfortably due to its Lack of bezels. I’ve used the One Max, that thing is a wonderful size.

        And, for the record, I have what I would consider average sized hands.

  2. Kill the bezel and use a 4.5 inch screen and you will sell much more than one.

  3. Amen!

    I like a lot of the flagship phones but the size is a deal breaker. I have the HTC One 2013 which is fantastic but still too large ergonomically at 4.7″. The Z1 Compact definitely got my attention for the smaller form factor but preservation of the internals. Now they just need a Z2 Compact.

    I’m all for a 4″ device. I don’t want to watch movies on my phone..I have a tablet, TVs and a laptop for media better served on a bigger screen.

  4. If it’s the same camera it’ll get the same criticism as the regular one.

  5. Make the screen any smaller and that huge bezel will make up most of the device…


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