Sep 11th, 2013

Motorola Logo

Who said the Moto Maker only ever had to be for the Moto X? Motorola is apparently getting ready to jump back into the tablet game after being the very first OEM to release an Android 3.0+ tablet. That much was revealed by CEO Dennis Woodside, who spilled the beans to the folks at Engadget.

Woodside didn’t have much else to say, of course, but he did leave open the possibility that the Moto Maker could eventually be used to customize this yet-to-be-realized tablet, noting that customization is the way of the future.

There’s no doubt Motorola has some genius engineers in a research and development lab somewhere cooking up the next American-made wonder for the mobile world, and we’ll be front and center to see what’s in store for us whenever they’re ready to unveil it. In the meantime, let us know if you’d buy a Motorola tablet that could be customized through the Moto Maker in the comments section below.

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