Apr 7th, 2014

Shooting stuff is fun, as long as said “stuff” doesn’t include endangered animals or, you know, people. That’s why we always get excited about these videos of hardcore marksmen taking to technology with iron hammers of war.

Last time, we saw the NVIDIA SHIELD stand up tough against a hunting rifle. Today? Google Glass is in the crosshairs, with RatedRR putting it square in the sights of a vector submachine gun. The crew performed various drop tests to demonstrate the device’s natural rigidity, and it helped up quite well in that regard.

But nothing is a match for a gun. NOTHING. If for nothing else, just watch the video to see an incredibly awesome marksman do his thing against a pair of $1,500 smart glasses (because its price and lack of general availability means you won’t be seeing anyone else doing so much as a drop test).

[Thanks, Chris!]

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