Sep 11th, 2013


The NVIDIA Shield just can’t seem to keep its nose out of trouble these days. First, the handheld Android-based gaming device had holes drilled into it and was blown up with miniature explosives. Now, some guy saw fit to shoot the poor thing with a full-fledged hunting rifle. The device was put through some less… rigid tests before that, though, including a drop test on both dirt and concrete.

Thankfully, the SHIELD passed those particular tests with flying colors. But could it ever survive getting shot by a Mossberg 464 (which, if you haven’t already figured out, is the best of a rifle you see sitting above)? Let’s find out:

The device was able to withstand the first shot, which ripped through the display portion of the SHIELD like nobody’s business. This is likely because none of the computing components inside are seated beneath the display like a smartphone or tablet. LCD displays can continue showing a partial picture after being punctured, and that’s exactly what happened here.

To make things a bit more fair, the rifleman decided to give it another go and shoot the SHIELD in the controller part of the handset (where all of the internals sit). We’re sad to report that it did not survive that kill shot.

All that said, the SHIELD held up pretty damn good up against some extreme conditions, so if you were wondering whether or not it was a tough cookie for $300, you should have your answer. This video was more about the rifle than anything else, though, so if you’re interested in that then be sure to get your fix in the YouTube clip embedded above. And be sure to read our full NVIDIA SHIELD  review if you’re wondering what else this nice piece of tech.

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