Apr 4th, 2014


Heads up, Verizon heads: the company has just put their version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 up for pre-order. There are a couple of surprises here.

For starters, the device costs $199.99 on a new two-year contract agreement, a trend Verizon seemingly ditched in 2013 where their high-end smartphones consistently started at $299.99. That comes to just $599.99 off-contract.

Unfortunately Verizon makes no mention of Edge pricing, though we aren’t sure if that’s due to the device still being on pre-order status. We’ll be reaching out to Verizon to see if this thing will be available through Edge. If so, simply take the $599.99 off-contract price and device it by 24, as you’d be paying $0 down if you opt to go that route.

The other surprise is that they’re offering a buy one, get one free deal on it for a limited time, meaning you’ll be able to get two of these bad boys for the price of one. Not jonesing for two of the same devices? You’ll be able to swap the second one out for an HTC One M8 (read our review) or a Samsung ATIV SE if you fancy those instead. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you and someone else on your account are upgrading at the same time, so be sure to take advantage.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 is slated to ship April 11th, which is right in line with what we’ve been hearing for pretty much everyone else. And fret not about the latest Gear 2 devices being available, as those will be up for grabs on the very same day.


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