Apr 3rd, 2014

Sprint Framily ETF

T-Mobile made a bold move when, as part of their new Uncarrier move, they began offering to pay early termination fees for customers looking to “break up” with their current carrier, and make the switch on over to magenta. It was an awesome promotion, and it’s one it appears Softbank-owned Sprint will begin offering starting tomorrow.

Posted onto the Sprint forum S4GRU, the leaked internal document provides employees with full details of the promo, scheduled to run from April 4th, through May 8th, 2014. Those looking to switch to Sprint will get up to $300 to trade-in their used smartphone, and a $350 for Visa giftcard for every line successfully transferred over to one of Sprint’s new “Framily” plans.

The tricky part comes in the fine print. According to the Sprint doc, prepaid cards will be sent out within 12 weeks after customers’ ETFs have been successfully validated by Sprint, and they must have their accounts in good standing for at least 45 days in order to receive the prepaid card.

Seems word of the upcoming promo has already gotten back to T-Mobile, with their CMO Mike Sievert tweeting today:

He goes onto tweet how it’s “frucked up,” with T-Mobile CEO John Legere weighing in on the matter saying, “Clearly we’re going to be #frenemies.” Ha.

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