OnePlus One to be under 350€ in Europe


oneplus one europe pricing

OnePlus was quick to tell those of us in the states that we’d be enjoying the OnePlus One — their first smartphone — for under $400, and now early pricing details have leaked for our friends over in Europe. OnePlus has announced that the device will be available for under 350€ over in those parts of the world, news which many expressed rejoice over.

There’s reason for Europeans to be celebrating this news, as most OEMs tend to mark device pricing up outside of the Americas, often citing the need to meet current economic conditions or wanting stick with more… consistent pricing. Thankfully, it seems OnePlus One isn’t at all interested in traditional conventions of the phone business.

The type of phone we’re told to expect for these prices is quite remarkable, with a 5-5inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, a 13 megapixel camera and more. The phone will also own the distinction of being the first built for CyanogenMod from the ground up, with unique features such as touchless voice activation and a new lock-screen coming along for the ride (something which those on community versions of CyanogenMod won’t be getting).

We’re a mere 20 days away from seeing what this thing is all about — we haven’t even gotten a peek at the actual device itself — so you know we’re as anxious as we’ve ever been. Good news like this certainly doesn’t help that anxiety at all.

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  1. Dayuuuum, give it to meeeh!

    1. Ermagerd! Wernplers!

  2. Any estimates yet on when they will actually ship?
    Is this going to be up for order on the 23rd or are we looking at 3 months from now?

    1. the 23rd will be a full unveiling of the phone. they didnt specify if they were going to sell the phone on that date.

    2. April 23rd is only the unveiling.

    3. Hopefully they’ll be in our hands by about mid-to-late May. It would make for the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten as an adult.

  3. I’m currently looking at the Oppo find 7, but I’ll be waiting to see this first. The price has me skeptical/worried. I did see a breakdown of what it actually cost to make these phones and it was significantly less than the $650 the establishment OEMs are charging. Could One Plus be offering honest pricing? I hope so. Their overhead should be way less than Samsung with less advertising, not having to develop the skin, big overpaid team, etc. I just hope they didn’t cut many corners. Anyone have the inside scoop on why the One plus guy left Oppo?

    1. Please remember that the manufacturing costs are only one component of pricing. Products also have to pay the cost of R&D, shipping, office workers, marketing, retailer expenses, taxes, etc.

      1. You left out one big cost, deadwood. Established companies are going to have more useless workers than a new company. As companies age they tend to gain more layers of meeting goers and other non-workers.

        1. that is true and certainly one way to look at it, but also keep in mind that new companies tend up have less positions than they should. The “perfect” amount is somewhere in the middle.

          1. Oh absolutely. That sort of thing leads to the opposite problem not enough folks to deal with the problems. Worst case meaning not enough widgets are sold either due to lack of supply or lack of support killing sales.
            Still if you have to pick which problem is worse I would select the latter, the former is much easier to fix.

        2. I’ve never thought of people who don’t contribute to a company who still work for it as being anything. It never occurred to me to see them as an expense. Should get rid of ’em, though.

        3. When I read the word “deadwood” the first thing that came to mind was the TV series, haha. Never watched it but heard of it long ago.

          1. Crude (like the era and time they were portraying) but very entertaining show.

      2. a lot of people seem to forget that

        1. The thought didn’t occur to me but I agree with both of you, nonetheless.

      3. marketing will be done virally and by word of mouth. they won’t utilize physical store fronts for sales. shipping costs are supplemented by the consumer on top of the cost of the product.

        R&D, they’re only making this one phone and don’t have their mits in all sorts of other products, they don’t make their own components and, as mentioned, they’re small staffed.

        granted this isn’t practical for companies like samsung and apple but it shows that it can be done(as if google hasnt done it already).

        1. Considering all you’ve said, will they have enough phones ready to ship to everyone who orders it without delays/backorders? (really don’t want to jinx this).

          1. initially they will service 12 launch countries. going such a route as they are makes true global shipping impossible, at least from the start.

            some will have to wait a bit longer.

          2. That seems like the kind of info people would have liked to hear earlier, the 12 countries bit. Where’d you find out about that and is it reliable info?

          3. 1+ themselves

    2. Their pricing does seem a lot more fair-minded than what most well-known OEM’s charge. All I ask for is a decent profit for the OEM’s, and a device in return.

    3. Might look into the Find 7 if availability or added costs to get the Oneplus become an issue. Will be a bit bad for me if I can’t pocket my device, though.

  4. 350€ works out to about $480 USD, which is significantly more than $400 USD. Does the
    350€ include VAT?

    1. Many people in North America don’t even know what VAT is off-hand (Value Added Tax). To answer your question, though, it’s difficult to say. In South Africa VAT was included in all pricing because it is illegal to do otherwise. In Europe (and considering that the quoted price might not include local taxes) I’m not certain. Let’s hope it does (and that it won’t cost $500 all together to get it to Canada).

      1. Or to most other parts of the world, for that matter.

      2. I bet people in North America know what Sales Tax is though. Pretty much the same thing (except across the EU, governments have decided you have to pay VAT in the purchase country, even if you hail from ‘out of state’)

    2. 400USD = 290EUR

      290EUR + VAT = 350EUR

      not saying its definitely gonna work out this way but this is how it would need to work to not contradict either price point claim.

  5. please include support for north american LTE on day 1!

    1. LTE = Long Term Evolution (of people not using wifi instead of mobile data).

  6. If the Oneplus phone doesn’t turn out the way it looks it’ll turn out or if additional costs besides shipping and taxes make it more expensive than anticipated to get to Canada the Find 7 would maybe be another choice. It’s such a huge device, though, and I would much prefer being able to pocket my device.

  7. These people are kings of not allowing leaks. If this was HTC we would have known what to expect befre HTC even knew :p

  8. I can hardly wait to see this phone in action!

  9. “often citing the need to meet current economic conditions or wanting stick with more… consistent pricing” Americans have been marking up the prices of products in Europe for decades at least.

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