Apr 4th, 2014

oneplus one europe pricing

OnePlus was quick to tell those of us in the states that we’d be enjoying the OnePlus One — their first smartphone — for under $400, and now early pricing details have leaked for our friends over in Europe. OnePlus has announced that the device will be available for under 350€ over in those parts of the world, news which many expressed rejoice over.

There’s reason for Europeans to be celebrating this news, as most OEMs tend to mark device pricing up outside of the Americas, often citing the need to meet current economic conditions or wanting stick with more… consistent pricing. Thankfully, it seems OnePlus One isn’t at all interested in traditional conventions of the phone business.

The type of phone we’re told to expect for these prices is quite remarkable, with a 5-5inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, a 13 megapixel camera and more. The phone will also own the distinction of being the first built for CyanogenMod from the ground up, with unique features such as touchless voice activation and a new lock-screen coming along for the ride (something which those on community versions of CyanogenMod won’t be getting).

We’re a mere 20 days away from seeing what this thing is all about — we haven’t even gotten a peek at the actual device itself — so you know we’re as anxious as we’ve ever been. Good news like this certainly doesn’t help that anxiety at all.

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