Apr 2nd, 2014


In an update to a policy change that went into effect yesterday, T-Mobile is now back tracking on their controversial decision to kill off their employer discounts. Well, somewhat. Amid an outcry from many customers who were upset that they would soon be receiving a higher monthly service bill, it appears T-Mobile CEO John Legere was listening, and is back with an update to their original press release.

According to Legere, existing customers will now be able to hold onto their corporate discount for as long as they work at their current job, and stick with their qualifying Simple Choice plans. But it’s not all easy street. Customers hanging onto these employer discounts will be subject to yearly verification checks, to ensure no one is abusing the policy. Anyone who applied for a T-Mobile’s Advantage Program before April 1st will remain unaffected by the changes.

Legere too another minute to back his decision to kill off shady “backdoor deals,” saying that’s not how T-Mobile wants to operate.

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