Amid outcry, T-Mobile will keep corporate discounts for existing customers



In an update to a policy change that went into effect yesterday, T-Mobile is now back tracking on their controversial decision to kill off their employer discounts. Well, somewhat. Amid an outcry from many customers who were upset that they would soon be receiving a higher monthly service bill, it appears T-Mobile CEO John Legere was listening, and is back with an update to their original press release.

According to Legere, existing customers will now be able to hold onto their corporate discount for as long as they work at their current job, and stick with their qualifying Simple Choice plans. But it’s not all easy street. Customers hanging onto these employer discounts will be subject to yearly verification checks, to ensure no one is abusing the policy. Anyone who applied for a T-Mobile’s Advantage Program before April 1st will remain unaffected by the changes.

Legere too another minute to back his decision to kill off shady “backdoor deals,” saying that’s not how T-Mobile wants to operate.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Rick Flair Wooooooo. Now only if FB would give back Oculus.

    1. We can only dream right :(

    2. Give back Oculus?

      1. Is that you Zuck?

  2. I guess they don’t want or need more/new customers. Different rules for different people. John is that Un-carrier???

    1. They will still get more customers. Don’t be dramatic. Their pricing is still competitive even with this slight negative aspect involved.

      1. Their prices might be competitive but their service is not so great…..Maybe after they refarm their 2G to 3G/4G maybe then their service might be worth looking at. For now I prefer to pay $15/month more with unlimited data on verizon and have service every where I go….It’s a good thing that they decided to keep current customers with their employer discount.

  3. Don’t “F” over your existing customers, glad they reconsidered.

    1. ;)

  4. What does the glasshole have to do with T-Mobile?

  5. T-mobile..

    troll harder.

  6. “Shady deals”
    Like when T-Mobile UK tried to reduce everybody’s cap to 512MB from 3GB (part of the deal, not a separate item) and then said they couldn’t leave the contract early without a fee because it *wasn’t* part of the original deal? That kind of shady deal?

  7. I had forgotten that my wife’s iPhone was eligible to be unlocked despite being on EIP. After two price hikes in one month (+$10 for unlimited data, and now this), I called and started the unlock process. I need to keep my options open, because eventually, there’s a good chance that T-Mobile will hit me with a price hike that isn’t protected by a grandfather clause.

    I’m very disappointed in T-Mobile over these two recent changes. They seem to be a knee-jerk reaction to the small negative balance last quarter, which they conceded was due to unprecedented advertising and network upgrade budgets. That tells me that T-Mobile viewed this in one of two ways;

    1) They knew that this shortfall would happen if they offered all of these uncarrier plans, and then knew that they’d have to jack prices after locking people in with EIPs that are more expensive than typical contract ETFs, in which case, they’re using the old bait and switch tactic, or…

    2) T-Mobile execs didn’t see this coming, in which case, they’re incompetent.

    Either way, the honeymoon is over. First time that they jack my rates, I’m gone. My current plan involves two smartphones with unlimited data is $120/mo. AT&T offers a similar BYOD plan that is limited to 10GB (not a concern for us) for $130, but they offer the same corporate discount as T-Mobile. So please, TMO, take away my discount and see if I don’t switch back. Both of my phones are fully compatible with AT&T.

    1. They hit us with an $800 bill and then wouldn’t unlock it. Well I used a third party to unlock my s4 have an at&t straight talk sim not looking back

      1. That sounds weird. They’re usually generous with unlocking. For Simple Choice users, their policy is to unlock your phone either 40 days after purchase so long as you either paid in full or made 2 EIP payments.

        1. Because of the bill they would not but the thing is my phone I already owned outright so for them to refuse to unlock it seemed almost criminal especially after sending a bill three times the normal bill full of bs charges

    2. I was on the fence to switch over from AT&T. I was waiting for the S5 to be released. Last night just got the 2 for 1 deal from Verizon (HTC M8). 4 phones. After doing the math and my works discount it made sense to go that route. Sorry T-Mobile you showed me that a contact keeps both parties in check. I will check back with you in 2 years. BTW a co-worker is going to Verizon with 5 lines today. T-Mobile you had us but then your greed set in and I say bye bye.

  8. Not good enough Legere

  9. So current customers get relaxed !!! >>>>>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

  10. T-Mobile ran an extensive ad campaign claiming that you could take your device overseas and have free texts, data (toggled back to 2g) and low cost phone. I called twice to confirm the details of this plan, since it was announced and both times was “assured” that my business plan fell under this international roaming scheme. During a call to customer service on another matter, a week before traveling, I discovered that T-Mobile secretly changed that so only certain plans are covered, unfortunately not mine. What kind of BS is that T-Mobile? I’ve been a customer for many years but this is ridiculous and deceptive. Well good thing I have no contract and my phone is unlocked. Greed will keep you on the edge of bankruptcy.

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