Mar 28th, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies fans who have been yearning for more brains can get their fix with the new Far Future update. The expansion pack brings a total of 24 additional levels, 10 new zombies, and 8 new plants. The update also marks the return of the Zen Garden, a popular feature from the first Plants vs. Zombies.

Keeping with the time traveling theme of PvZ2, Far Future flings our heroes ahead into a world where bioengineered, genetically superior crops and plants are finally acceptable, if not necessary in the war against zombies. New plants available for defending  your keep include the Laser Bean, Infi-Nut, Magnifying Grass, and Blover. They’ll get to square off against new enemies like the Jetpack Zombie.

Making its return in the Far Future update is the Zen Garden, a mini game of sorts that allows players to collect and grow plants to earn in-game rewards. A new Zen Garden Bee can aid in the process.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available now as a free-to-play download from the Google Play Store. For those that have the game installed, the Far Future update is ready to go when you are.

[via Google Play]