Plants vs Zombies 2 soft launch kicks off in Australia and New Zealand, will be free-to-play


We received unfortunate news late last month when the projected release date for Plants vs Zombies 2 came and went without an actual release. Popcap announced that the game had been delayed, and didn’t give any further explanation or any date other than “summer.” Well, the game has launched now… but not everywhere.

plants vs zombies 2

Popcap has released the game in Australia and New Zealand as a soft launch, of sorts. According to them, the initial delay was to make sure their new servers were properly setup and capable of handling the account-based features Popcap will be implementing. These features will include the ability to login with your account from any device and pick up where you left off, as well as the system for in-app purchases.

Speaking of which, the app will be free for that very reason — Popcap will be employing the freemium model that most developers have resorted to for mobile gaming. We’re not yet sure just how reliant the game will be on user purchases, but if EA’s Real Racing 3 is anything to go by we should be able to play a vast majority of the game and unlock loads of content without spending much at all.

Asked why smaller markets like New Zealand and Australia were chosen for soft launches, Popcap senior producer Allen Murray professed they “didn’t want to launch in a large region, but we wanted to work in a region that had similar economic behavior” as North America, noting that smaller markets would allow them to get a better estimate of their server needs once the game launches worldwide.

We’re always willing to wait a little extra if it results in a better app or game, so we’re not totally bummed out that we aren’t already enjoying the goodness that is Plants vs Zombies 2. We’ll be feeding you folks information about the full release once those details finally become available.

[via Polygon]

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  1. I don’t really game on my Android much, but this is good for me I guess.

  2. Can’t wait to play this game :c

    1. It is for iOS only… for now.

      I think it is a stupid move, but then again I wasn’t in charge of the project…

  3. I feel like this is going to turn in to some hideous freemium kind of app.

  4. Looks a bit trashy compared to the first game imo. Too much stuff to buy (powers/currency etc)

  5. Freemium has to be done in the right way. Game’s like Temple Run, where you enjoy the game so much you WANT to spend more money on it, is the right way. However, games like Urban Crime and Six Guns from Gameloft, is the wrong way.

    I hope EA will be doing it the right way.

    1. When has EA ever done “the right thing?” Their freemium model on Simpson’s Tapped Out was ridiculous. The donuts cost WAYYY too much money and you barely got anything for it.

  6. Is RR3 the right way or the wrong way?

  7. I am sure this will keep my gf busy for a while.

  8. The core gameplay hasn’t changed. Starting your journey from Ancient Egypt, you choose from a selection of plants with unique abilities, and place them on your lawn in an ingenious layout to wipe out huge swarms of zombies before they enter your house and eat your brains. AppsGoer has got an in-depth review on this game.

  9. is it coming to android at all?

  10. Fremium? Kiss my ass popcap!

  11. I’m okay with them releasing a freemium version, but only if they also release a version I can just pay up front to have everything and no ads. :/

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