Plants vs Zombies 2 is now officially available from the Google Play Store



Earlier today, Popcap announced via their Plants vs Zombies Facebook page that something big was coming tomorrow. We had a good idea what it was. We’ve seen Plants vs Zombies 2 debut on Android in China, soft launch on Google Play Store for Australia and New Zealand, and it apparently even made its way up through Mexico a short time ago (thanks, Cesar!).

Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android

Today, Plants vs Zombies 2 is now officially available to download in the US and Europe via the Google Play Store. Without keeping you guys for too long, here’s the direct link to get you off and running:

Download on Google Play: Plants vs Zombies 2 (US) | Plants vs Zombies 2 (UK)

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  1. “This item is not available in your country” (UK)


    1. This link works in the UK, and I guess the rest of Europe:

      Edit: I appear to have posted this twice, and when I tried to delete the original post, it just got changed to a “Guest” post, so, sorry.

      1. Awesome, thanks! Updated post with the link for the UK :D

  2. PVZ2 was out in the playstore a while ago… its been like more than week it was out right?

    1. Kinda. That was only for Australian Google Play users.

      1. In Mexico I installed it on the Play store more than week ago. US got it just now then? I’m so confused.

  3. Oh lord, there goes 50h of my life.

  4. Thankfully FREE. Coulda swore i heard they were gonna charge for it.

    1. It was free on iOS too and people flipped. Freemium isn’t always the best business model for mobile games.

      1. Go tell that to King (candy crush)!! Just kidding, just kidding :)

      2. People on iOS flipped because it was Free ? They wanted to be charged ? Only people on iOS would think theres something wrong with getting something free for a change. Dummies.

        1. Yes, people are sick of IAP and ads.

          1. I will take the ads, but I think IAP is going to crash and burn soon. Id rather pay the 5 bucks at this point.

        2. People (like me) would prefer a good quality game where you earn your rewards and don’t pay for them. I would of paid up to 6-8$. I loved the first game.

        3. …. What? C’mon you do seriously believe that do you?

      3. They did a good job with the freemium in this game. I can earn coins and unlock doors just by playing and I like that. Games like megapolis and mini golf match up might as well be asking for your credit card # as soon as you open the app

  5. And good news people, for people like me who refuse to put money into any EA games, there is a hacked version (infinite coins) on the PirateBay (been playing it for over 2 weeks)!

    1. And we wonder why so many hot games come out for ios first…if they ever come to Android at all.

      1. I’d gladly pay for it like I did for the first one. I refuse to sink over 20-30 $ for it though. EA ruined this game so I make an exception here and got the hacked version.

        1. The reason we get so much IAP is because of piracy. The other option is no more games for Android.

          1. that makes no sense because iap’s get hacked anyway. On Android and IOS alike. I buy paid games, I refuse to invest in Iap.

          2. IAP is the big thing because Clash of Clans and Candy Crush make upwards of $10 million per week. Per Week! Not because of piracy. The company that makes CoC makes 2.4 million per day across the few apps it has. But the prices on the items in PvZ2 are way out of whack. 4 dollars for an item slot my @$$… I got that dirt cheap with coins in the original.

    2. This game is easily beaten without spending any money, and there is no “energy refill” so you can keep playing.

    3. Why do you need infinite coins…..? Cheating sucks all the fun out of a game.

    4. I’ve been playing it for a while. There’s really no need to purchase coins, and you don’t need the infinite coin hack.

  6. force closes on my HTC one. disappointing

  7. Can’t download on my Asus transformer prime. But I got it for my gs4.

  8. Apparently, I’m able to download. I’m neither in America nor Europe.

    1. I’m in America, and it’s telling me that I’m unable to download in my country.

  9. Just downloaded… Took a couple of hours…. in a country where electronics, or wifi for that matter, are not highly developed…. 32/kbs per second, IF I’M LUCKY, yeah… I know! Somewhere overseas. It was worth it though, only played the first 3 stages, seems pretty good. Can’t wait till I unlock some of the new plants.
    The graphics look way better, along with the new animations. Example, in PvZ1, Peashooters just shot the peas, in PvZ2, you see them blow up their face and kinda “force” it out of their mouths. Definately a good game from what I can tell so far, and definately an improvement.
    If you look at most of the reviews on Google Play, people are giving a 1 Star rating for being late on Android. Some are angry with IAPs, but what can you expect with a game made from EA and Popcap with a game that was a success with PvZ1? Hope you don’t need to buy stuff in order to complete some stages, that would suck.

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