Pre-order the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 starting today; ships April 11th



Just a friendly reminder to pre-order the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 starting today, folks. You’ll be able to grab the device for $0 down payment and 24 equal installments of $27.50 per month. That adds up to about $660 full retail. Orders won’t be charged until the thing ships, though, which T-Mobile expects to happen around April 11th.

We went hands-on with the device back at Mobile World Congress, finding out that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great smartphone for today, but is sadly unequipped for tomorrow. Samsung didn’t raise the bar like they continue to do with the Galaxy Note 3, though we expect the Galaxy S5 to be a hot item this Spring and Summer once it’s finally available.

Grabbing one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, let us know what other phone has your attention right now. You can head to T-Mobile’s site to pre-order the device right here (and don’t forget that AT&T is also accepting pre-sales right this moment, as well).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’ll be jumping to the note 4 once it’s available.

    1. What if the Note 4 arrives with some crazy protection level like an IP69k10 rating? *drools*

      1. Check out the Google Play Edition Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It has a bigger screen than the note 3 and its more waterproof than the S5.

        1. Cheers for suggestion but I’m waiting to see what the Note 4 will bring.

  2. Still rockin’ a 2K12 Note 2 and just cant wait for the Note 4. I be all over the GS5 though if I wanted a “smaller” phone.

    I expect the N4 to be something stupid futuristic.

  3. will also be upgrading from s3 to the note 4

  4. Note 3 to S5 would be a downgrade. I’ll pass

  5. Lol note 3 is to big for me, s5 is just how I’d like it pre-ordered can’t wait nd I’m buying the m8 why one when can have them both yea lol

  6. Out of three carriers, T-Mobile has best deal for it… >>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

  7. I own an Xperia Z Ultra google play edition. It has been an amazing phone, but I’m ready to try something new. Going to be using jump to get an S5. Then once the Note 4 comes out I think I’ll jump again.

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