T-Mobile Galaxy S5 up for pre-order March 24th for zero down


T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 preorder page

If you were one of the half-million T-Mobile customers who pre-registered to be notified about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and its new sleather (S Leather — get it?) battery cover, you’ll officially be 1 step closer to owning the device this coming Monday, March 24th. That’s the day the T-Mobile Galaxy S5 will be available for pre-order both online and in-store for $0 down. Of course, monthly commitments apply, so expect to pay $27.50 over the course of 2 years (total = $660).

T-Mobile also mentioned that early birds who pre-order by March 31st will get some sort of special “introductory price” for the S5, although T-Mobile didn’t mention exactly what that price would be (and $660 already sounds a little higher than full price). Those that pre-order have a chance to skip the line when the phone officially becomes available in T-Mobile stores on April 11th.

Of course, T-Mobile is still offering to pay your ETFs, should you be thinking about making the trek over from another carrier but are still locked into an agreement. Anyone out there looking to pick up a Galaxy S5?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Man, paying for that ETF is pretty sweet.

    1. Yeah, it’s so nuts. I think anyone who still with Sprint should DEFINITELY be exploring T-Mobile as an option.

      1. I’m one of those Sprint customers looking at T-Mobile right now… quietly whispering, “How YOU doing?”

      2. “Not so fast my friend.” (In Lee Corso voice.) T-Mobile and Sprint might merge together, so T-Mobile’s progress over the last several months might get undone. Sprint recently bought Clear 4G and they diluted the quality of the service while raising the prices. Not too keen on T-Mobile if Sprint merges. From what I heard, it’s all but done.

        1. Mergers don’t happen overnight and even when/if it gets approved changes (good or bad) to the network wont be seen for quite some time. But it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on this merger I’m with you on that.

        2. What are you talking about ? The quality has been better in my part and the prices is lower depend ing on what you need.

          1. T-Mobile is awful in my area and I can get the same price for AT&T prepaid. It’s better than T-Mobile too.

          2. You said Sprint is quality is down and no e expensive, then t mobile. T mobile has no service in my area. So Sprint is my only option for 4 line.

          3. Well, put it this way. My area is pretty much AT&T or Verizon. When I spoke to Simple Mobile rep (one of the offshoots of T-Mobile), he agreed with me ever since T-Mobile acquired Metro PCS, their service has gone down in my area. Sprint is weak near my job and campus, so why waste time and money there? Verizon is too expensive and I pay only $60 a month w/ AT&T. I am just talking from my area. I am sure AT&T sucks in other areas because no company has 100% LTE coverage nationwide.

        3. FCC has already said they want to see 4 major players. 0 chance Japanese owned Sprint gets to buy the most competitively fierce provider – T-mobile. After the failure by AT&T, Sprint’s bashy owner should have known, the only option is to organically grow Sprint. Buying out your competitor will no more be an option in one of the most concentrated wireless markets.

          1. They say one thing, but they can quickly do something else. Everyone has a price.

      3. What are you talking about Mr. Chavez?

  2. So Galaxy S5 for $0 upfront or Xperia Z2 for $900. Wish the economics of the decision were more fair :(

    1. Do we really know the price of the Sony Xperia Z2 on T-Mobile? It’s not available for pre-order?

      1. Most expensive ANDROID on T-Mobile to-date is the NOTE 3, right @ $700,followed by the G-FLEX @ $670.
        I’d expect SONY Z2 to be a bit less than either of these,as the Z1S is currently $600.

        1. Wow, didn’t realize they raised the price on the Z1S, either… when I got mine it was $528.

      2. Chris, thanks for the response. I’m no expert on these things, but the Xperia Z2 is available for pre-order in London – and from what I have gathered, the model is fully functional on T Mobile’s network (as well as AT&T). Would like to know your opinion on that (if you think it’s not a guarantee to work on American networks, if you have any other opinions)


    2. I ore-ordered mine through Clove. Paid $826 for the phone, a bumper, and front and back protectors. That includes delivery.

  3. I woulda gotten this………. if the note 4 wasn’t coming lol

    1. Dat Note 4 doe… I’m waiting to see what’s what after the summer. Then the choice really begins!

      1. yeah, personally I dont have much choice since I really need the spen. It’s made my work life so much more easier. Note 2’s been serving me well since launch date. I do wish they have a S5 sized Note. That would be perfect.

        1. Ugh, I know what you mean about that spen. I’m really dependent on it now on my Note 3. It would be a bit of a tough transition to another device without a built-in stulys.

        2. And using it with Swype? It’s so smooth and quick. Swype + the S-Pen is a crazy nice combo.

        3. Same here, otherwise I would have dumped Samsung a while ago, I hate TouchWiz

          1. lol, I actually love touchwiz and it’s features. The only thing I really dont like is the launcher, why im using nova and touchwiz.

          2. Try Nova or Buzz Launcher. Clean that right up and you can get really creative. Android is really about dat customization. Here’s an example of my latest theme I made:

    2. don’t talk about the note 4 already!! getting me all excited and $hit lol

  4. Sprint/Softbank needs to keep their hands off T-Mobile, T-Mobile is superior to Sprint in Cleveland. One of my friends can hardly get Sprint’s just about non-existant LTE, where is their rollout? Iinm T-Mobile did a LTE rollout after Sprint and I can get LTE all over Cleveland with my Nexus 4.

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