Mar 17th, 2014

pocket casts 4-5

Podcast apps have been sort of a sore spot on Android for a long time, but one of the best options — Pocket Casts — is getting a pretty nice upgrade that should add a highly sought-after feature.

Version 4.5 brings us Chromecast support, meaning you can listen to all your favorite podcasts (like the MobileRoar podcast) through your TV simply be streaming it to your Chromecast HDMI dongle. Simply start playback of whichever episode you’re listening to and hit the Chromecast button that can be found at the upper right of the Now Playing screen.

Other changes in today’s update brings some nice, subtle changes to the app’s visual flare. Specifically, colors of certain app elements will now automatically change to reflect the artwork of whatever you’re listening to. For instance, if a podcast’s logo is mostly red, you might find that the color of buttons and controls will also be some tint of red.

Lastly, Pocket Casts 4.5 adds the ability to easily rearrange items in your playlist. It all sounds great from here, so make no delay in heading to the Google Play Store for the download. And in case you needed some motivation to spend that $4 to buy it, just know this: there simply isn’t a better option out there. Go ahead and grab it here.