Mar 14th, 2014 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:13 pm

Oppo FInd 7 leak tilt

A few purported leaked images of the Oppo Find 7 have made their way online, only a few days ahead of the device’s official March 19th unveiling. As so often is the case, the images were leaked onto Weibo, where it appears someone was able to get up close and intimate with the device, judging from the satin sheets the phone rests so delicately upon (we wont judge).

Oppo Find 7 leak

This isn’t the first time we got a glimpse at the Oppo Find 7, with the device recently making an appearance in a design award. These new images of the phone in the wild line up perfectly with the previous leak, although other than the general shape and bezel ratio, they don’t reveal much. You will notice Oppo has forgone software navigation buttons in favor of capacitive ones, putting that bezel to good use we’d say. A dual-LED flash can be seen on the back of the device, surrounding by what appears to be some premium aluminum.

All in all, the phone looks strikingly similar to last year’s model, but we suppose there’s only so many ways you can design a rectangle. It’s been rumored that Oppo might release 2 variants of the Find 7 — one with a 2K display, and the other with a more affordable (and practical) 1080p display. We wont know for sure what Oppo has up their sleeves until the phone is officially announced on March 19th, but we’ll keep you updated.

Judging solely from these images, what do you guys think of the Oppo Find 7?


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