All new HTC One leaks in stylish new flip case


HTC M8 One flip cover leak

We’re closing in fast on the official reveal date for the all new HTC One (2014) and with March 25th still more than 2 weeks ahead of us, we were wondering just how much more of the device would leak before its unveiling. We already received an interesting 12-minute hands-on of the phone last week, along with a benchmark following a few days later.

Today, @evleaks is giving us yet another look at the all HTC One, this time as it appears snugly inside its all new flip cover. The case looks similar enough to last year’s model, only now it will apparently feature small Lite Brite-styled holes on the front to display information. We’ve seen similar offerings from Samsung and LG, but HTC unsurprisingly making things a lot more stylish.

Last year, we saw the HTC One eventually launch in a Google Play edition variant, so we assumed this year’s updated model would be no different. Although we don’t expect to receive any official confirmation until the phone is actually announced (or possibly during Google I/O), @evleaks has also received word that we could all look forward to a Google Play version of the new M8 as well. Schaweet.

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  1. Where is your watch htc?! I’m liking the m8 but want to know if the will be a watch launched along side ?

    1. lol…they aint cheap as samsung yh..go hTC!!

  2. Another company revealed a case like this a few months ago but I can’t remember who. Was either Huawai or ZTE or someone like that.

    1. Alcatel

  3. I want this, especially with GPe. Take my money!

  4. This is just hideous.

    1. your face is hideous

  5. A plan black flip case that displays a bit of information. Not a bad accessory for the right price

  6. well..the on screen buttons would definitely indicate a much easier transition to GPe……

  7. I thought their signature time is ’10:08′ and not 00:05.

    1. It was a late night.

  8. Personally I wouldn’t want to hide my beautiful phone behind that.

    1. What I usually do is have it in a case like this. It makes it easy to take it out and place it back in unlock other traditional cases.

      So when I want to dwell in it’s beauty, I would take my HTC One out the case.

      Also, I take it out when playing games. To aid with the prevention of over heating.

  9. This looks really cool!! =.O

    I wonder if other information can be supported besides the time. Like the full date, maybe?

  10. just impressive, everything. wish it was a stand as well.

  11. I finally figured out what HTC should call the One line.. “Flagship One” … Throw an S on it if you wish.. then “Flagship Two” etc.

    1. You really think so?

      1. Eh, they need something. One X, One, All New One . Very very confusing. They need a name that people can remember. Apple iPhone, Samsug Galaxy … Then they slap a number after it. Simple but effective. So, yeah, why not?

        1. One X+ …. lol

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