Review: Official HTC One Double Dip Flip case [VIDEO]


It wasn’t too long ago we gave you guys a quick hands-on with the official HTC Double Dip hard shell case (just now shipping), and I had largely good things to say about that case. It offered an almost overboard amount of protection, and I thought the color fit the One nicely (there is also a black option coming soon.

HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09947

Today we have another OEM accessory to show off, the HTC One Double Dip Flip case. Covered in a faux leather material, the Double Dip Flip case mirrors the protection we’ve seen in similar cases, covering not only the back of the device, but the front glass as well. Where Samsung’s flip cases only really cover one side of their devices, the DDF offers protection on all 4 sides of the One, as well as the front. The case also features a nice way of folding to prop up your device like a kickstand, making movies and YouTube videos a joy with the case. Sounds perfect, right? There’s more.

HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09953

Upon slipping it onto my HTC One, I have to admit, I wasn’t too crazy about it. The lid never seems to lay flat on the glass (making for an interesting puppet show), and the phone easily slips out of the case — a little too easy for my tastes. It essentially has the grip of a newborn. Quality-wise, the faux leather and soft touch plastic is nice and I like the way the case offers more protection than Samsung’s offering, but all-in-all, it was a little too bulky for me. That doesn’t mean you wont like it, in fact — if you’ve been looking for a flip case to snap onto your One, I would actually recommend it. There are other options — like this flip case from Nillkin for about $18 — but none that have the official HTC branding on them. If you’d like to buy the HTC One Double Dip Flip case, you can find it here on Amazon for $30.






Chris Chavez
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  1. Since you don’t like it, can I have it? :)

    1. I gave it to my girlfriend :c

      Do you…. wanna be my gf? O_o

      1. If I say yes, will you send it to me?

        1. No, you have to EARN it

          1. You know me too well…

          2. So uhhhh, what do I have to do to earn it?

          3. you may not wish to know the answer to that one ;)

  2. I don’t buy cases for my phones because I generally hate covering my phones up. However, I bought this case along with my HTC One on launch day. I actually like that it’s easy to take off and also acts as a kickstand, so while not perfect, it’s the very first case I actually sort of like.

    1. Interesting… and yeah, it’s actually kinda growing on me.

  3. Nice design, poor execution. Much nicer than the other case you reviewed. Why bother with a case? The one is such a premium phone I would want to keep it pure, except for screen protector.

    Love that you review these things, you seem to have an eye for detail, which I can appreciate

  4. Chris, so what’s your case of choice for your HTC One?

  5. Nice case, it should fit with this to add storage :

  6. I’ve never used a phone case, but I am starting to worry about my HTC One after seeing how scratched the aluminum of my Mac Book Air is. However, since I also got the free car dock from tmobile, it doesn’t seem possible to have a case if I’m going to use the car dock.

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