Feb 28th, 2014


After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 earlier this week at Mobile World Congress, speculation began circulating that the handset would go on sale for lower than the Galaxy S4’s initial launch pricing. A series of pre-orders for the device going live around the UK and Europe shows a handset that sells for an equivalent amount, however, with off-contract pricing that equates to around $1000.

Clove has the handset for £599 after taxes while Amazon Spain lists the Galaxy S5 at €730. While those figures indeed break the $1000 when exchanged for US dollars, it is more likely Samsung is targeting an amount in the 600-700 range, regardless of currency. This would match the strategy deployed with the Galaxy S4, which sold in a similar $600-700 range in the US.

Whispers of a low launch price for the Galaxy S5 likely stem from the perception of some that Samsung did not unveil many major upgrades over the previous generation of the device. While rumors hinted at a smartphone with 64-bit processing, 4K display, metal construction, Samsung showcased a device that featured marginal improvements to the GS4’s specs and design. Rumors persist that Samsung could launch a premium version of the phone with some or all of these features.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to launch globally in April. With about a month to go, we should be getting more clarity on pricing as carriers solidify and announce their plans for the device.

[via SamMobile]

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