Pre-order pricing suggests Galaxy S5 not the cheaper handset some expected



After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 earlier this week at Mobile World Congress, speculation began circulating that the handset would go on sale for lower than the Galaxy S4’s initial launch pricing. A series of pre-orders for the device going live around the UK and Europe shows a handset that sells for an equivalent amount, however, with off-contract pricing that equates to around $1000.

Clove has the handset for £599 after taxes while Amazon Spain lists the Galaxy S5 at €730. While those figures indeed break the $1000 when exchanged for US dollars, it is more likely Samsung is targeting an amount in the 600-700 range, regardless of currency. This would match the strategy deployed with the Galaxy S4, which sold in a similar $600-700 range in the US.

Whispers of a low launch price for the Galaxy S5 likely stem from the perception of some that Samsung did not unveil many major upgrades over the previous generation of the device. While rumors hinted at a smartphone with 64-bit processing, 4K display, metal construction, Samsung showcased a device that featured marginal improvements to the GS4’s specs and design. Rumors persist that Samsung could launch a premium version of the phone with some or all of these features.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to launch globally in April. With about a month to go, we should be getting more clarity on pricing as carriers solidify and announce their plans for the device.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. $1000? That’s just a little under how much I’m gonna put into my desktop this summer.

    I’m very happy I got my N5 now. It’s still at the top of the bunch and of course datprice.

    1. Don’t forget, you can probably buy a Note 3 or Xperia Z2 for less than that too.

      1. Exactly. I’m not a fan of the size, but Samsung done goofed with the s5

        1. Well, that’s the benefit with so many manufacturers. With iOS, people have only one or two shitty choices.

          1. AND they have to deal with iOS, hahaha

          2. I honestly like TouchWiz or Sense etc as much as I do iOS.. by that I mean I don’t. Stock for me!

    2. Yea I’d only recommend the Moto X ($329) or Nexus 5 ($349) to anyone in want of a phone without a contract. No other phone looks remotely interesting to me. Keep in mind VZW customers can’t use the N5 so Moto X is their only option out of those two.

  2. so basically this is a crippled S5 version and the real one will be out later.


    1. No this is the only S5 (or S3SS) and news sources are trying to keep us tuned in even though the only phone that could possibly be better than this, the Note 4, won’t be out or leaked for at least 6 months.

      1. if thats the case then this phone flopped harder than vlade divac.

  3. 599 euros usually equates to 599 US – it’s always been that way. Europe has always gotten boned that way. Same thing happens with game consoles.

    1. Right now the USD to Euro conversion puts the dollar at .72 compared to a euro. So 1 Euro = $.72.

      1. That wasn’t his point. Manufacturers tend to ignore the conversion so if a phone is 599 in Europe than it’s 599 in the US.

        And 1 Euro is $1.38 US.

      2. You got that backwards: 1 USD = 0.72 Euro

  4. I’m sorry but I just cannot see myself spending any amount for this hardware. I solely skipped the GS4 in anticipation for this GS5. And yes I was taking each rumor with a grain of salt. My expectations were innovation.. not repetition. a heart rate sensor? wtf? print scanner? C’mon.!!! Give me LED flash in front for selfies, give me a eye scanner, give me a one touch button for ordering pizza with my unhealthy, French fry eating,buttermilk ranch dipping, bacon stacking, fountain drink sipping ass!!!!

    1. But what are you expecting? I mean, there’s not much more you can do with smartphones. They’re a pretty tight fit already.

      I wasn’t expecting any innovation, to be honest. I’m not disappointed. Mainly because I figured it would just be hardware increases. I can’t see how phones can be better besides increasing the hardware.

      1. Different design would have been nice get rid of that gawd awful home button, remove the bezels, Curve the display, have notification on the edge of the phone.

      2. A little bit of trimming the Touchwiz fat (8GB taken up before you’ve even pulled it out of the box?), and optimization so it doesn’t need some super-powered quad core processor wouldn’t have been much to ask for.

        I mean, just look at the Moto X. It essentially has a dual core processor running the OS, and the other processors for the dedicated stuff (active notifications and voice processing), and from what I’ve heard/seen, it runs just as good (if not better than) the Note 3.

  5. Why would anyone possibly predict a flagship smartphone to cost less than $199 on contract. It’s pretty obvious what the price will be.

    1. Because people will not buy it for $199 since they can hold on to their current phone which is pretty much just as good, and has already been paid for.

  6. HTC you win my money this year. im not paying for samsung with no innovations just the same phone allover again.

  7. I’m.sorry. Samsung isn’t quite doing it for me anymore. Maybe because my Note 3 is fulfilling everything I now expect from a cell phone.

    This new phone just seems like something Apple would release. Nothing really improved per say over the S4

    1. Fast processor, better screen, better camera, finger print scanner, heart rate sensor, upgraded software. Seems like a pretty good upgrade to me.

      1. Which is more or less exactly the same type of upgrades Apple has given to the iPhone for the past few iterations, proving his point…

      2. Heart rate monitor was an app on android back in 2010 and it worked the same way. Camera plus ur phone’s light. Finger print scanner is a gimmick too IMHO. The screen is larger. I wouldn’t call that better. It’s a downside to me. It’s probably still pentile too. Upgraded software is just kitkat with Samsung’s bloated addons. I just don’t see anything good here over the s4

      3. How do you know the camera is better? More mega pixels doesn’t mean a better camera experience. Heart rate monitor? Who cares? That’s useless. You can get that from an app. It’s not enough of an upgrade for anyone to consider getting rid of the S4.

      4. Processor is the only real upgrade IMO.

        -Better screen? No. Just slightly larger. At this point the G2 has a better looking screen to me vs my Note 3. The rounded edges on the G2 make the screen look borderless.

        -Better camera? Samsung’s cameras are mediocre at best and always have been

        -Heart rate monitor and finger print scanners are gimmicks. Like the dual lenses 3d phones

        -upgraded software? Really? That’s embarrassing!!! So we have surprised Apple in regards to updates. We no longer get even a watered down version of the new OS Update. We get nothing and must buy a new phone to receive it? Wow….

    2. This phone is way superior of the GS4. However if you compare it to the Note 3 then maybe one could argue that there was no improvement done.

      1. It’s a different processor and the screen is a little larger. I’m sure it’s still pentile and not rgb. This is a crap upgrade from the s4.

    3. How do you compare a phablet with a phone anyway?

      1. lol, because phablets arent even a real thing, they are just bigger phones, and they are far from being tablets. its useful to have a phone and a tablet, but its kinda useless to have a galaxy s4 and a galaxy note 3…

      2. 5.1″ vs 5.7″. So based on your math a 5.1″ screen is a phone. A 5.7″ screen is a phablet. Only 11.75% larger screen.


        1. Ok, 5.7 is a phone.
          7″ is also a phone since its only 20% larger.

          You get my point?

          1. I didn’t one anyone made a 7″ phone. Nor was it popular

    4. I was hoping for some real innovation.

      -Maybe closer to borderless screens.

      -Maybe some real water proofing? At this point water resistant is sad. My Note 3, although not sold as water resistant appears to be.

      -64gb needs to be minimum required at this point

      -3Gb ram needs to be mandatory for high end phones

      -Better camera sensors. A good 15mp with a proper sensor

      -rear notation led?

      -3000Mah+ battery

      Where’s the real innovation???

      1. “Samsung isn’t quite doing it for me anymore. Maybe because my Note 3 is fulfilling everything I now expect”

        The Note is produced by Samsung…

        1. Like I said…..anymore…..hence there new phones are not impressive. Dah fawk

  8. Time to sell samsung stock.

    1. Hopefully any phandroid investors pulled out before the s4 release.

  9. 1000 bucks. I doubt that!

  10. Sony Z2 could win out if it were to price at $600 like the Z1s in T-Mobile!

  11. I’ll refuse to buy a phone that much money. I mind as well wait and see what the G3 will be like!

  12. People whining, why don’t you just create your own damn phone. How bout that?

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