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Samsung allowed the storm to calm down a bit after announcing the Galaxy S5, but they’ve finally given us details on what the next version of Samsung Knox security will bring. It’s version 2.0, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is predictably equipped to facilitate all of the latest changes Samsung has added to their security suite. A lot of this stuff is quite important for enterprise and businesses that want to give their employees freedom to bring their own devices to work.

Here’s a quick list of all that’s new:

  • TrustZone Protected Security Management generates and maintains security certificates
  • KNOX Key Store allows third-party sources to generate and maintain security certificates
  • Real-time kernel and system monitoring to protect against unauthorized changes
  • TrustZone-protected device encryption
  • Two-factor biometric authentication using a password and fingerprint identification
  • Enhanced overall KNOX framework with per-app VPN unctions for Juniper, F5, Cisco and IPsec

Other new features include single sign-on for mobile and web apps, a cloud directory service, a new marketplace for apps and services fit for KNOX, and more. Samsung says KNOX 2.0 will be headed to anyone with a KNOX-compatible device after they’ve received an upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat, one that is already starting to roll out for some users of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

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  1. F*#kin great….

  2. I’m so done with Sammy, now this!

  3. lol, they are making sure the N$A has their backdoor. No custom secure roms for you guys…. Im done with Samsung, untill they kill this anti security crap. Samsung, protecting your info so only the N$A and other alphabet agencies, and local police and marketers can have it, or anyone else who will pay for it also.

  4. Can’t believe they’re touting this as a good thing, and the press seems to be eating it up! I can see its merit in the enterprise, but until I see the feature “ability to completely remove this crap from my phone” I will be steering clear of anything Samsung.

  5. How is this a bad thing?

    1. It’s a bad thing if you root

      1. Nice icon btw. But yea enterprise shouldn’t be rooting phones.

  6. Just confirms why I was thinking of moving away from Samsung products.

  7. This is for the enterprise folks, and NOT installed by default. They are not trying to convince the average consumer. They want BB BES business and KNOX v1 is garbage. By all means move away from Samsung and continue to post though provoking insightful comments.

    FYI…the NSA has always, does now, and will forever be able to do anything to anyone anywhere anytime. They will play to the press and any oversight, but at the end of the day they win.

    1. Do you even own a Samsung phone with Knox? It IS installed by default.

  8. Samsung needs to have a new model — maybe add an ‘e’ at the back to show ‘enterprise’. leave the consumer devices alone. I dun need this cr4p coming with my phone.

    if its BYOD, then let it be some 3rd party apps or something. if companies like MobileIron can do it, then it can be done.

  9. This is the reason I got a nexus device

  10. From a business perspective it makes sense. They’re trying to appeal to the business users. For consumers, it’s a real simple fix: don’t get Samsung phones anymore if you want to root. Though, I’m sure more oems will follow suit.

    1. Even simpler fix, Google Already announced all of the new Samsung devices will have GPE versions. If you want to root just get one of those.

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