Samsung Z uncovered: Tizen phone getting official tonight?


It’s the first day of Mobile World Congress 2014 and already we’ve got more than our fair share of awesome. Already we’ve seen Nokia pee in their pants by announcing their Nokia X phones, played with Sony’s new Z2 phone and tablet, and gotten hands-on the all-new LG G Pro 2. But in a few hours the most anticipated attraction of the event occurs: the Samsung Press Conference.

Samsung has already outed their Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Neo smartwatches and their “to the 5th power” promo campaign all but ensures the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5. But if a recent USPTO filing has any teeth, we could also see the announcement of the Samsung Z.

Samsung Z

What could the Samsung Z be?

The trademark description places it firmly in the mobile phone category, but we find it incredibly odd that the name doesn’t adorn the “Galaxy” branding. One would either expect the trademark to either include “Galaxy Z” or merely “Z”, leaving Samsung the option of squeezing the Z before it.

Trademarking it as the “Samsung Z” suggests that it’s not a Galaxy device at all, but if it’s a Samsung mobile phone and isn’t a Galaxy, what is it?

The end of the description tacks on a few other possibilities including tablets, TVs, audio equipment, surround sound, set top boxes, DVD players, light displays, monitors, eye glasses, computers, printers, and semi-conductors. Still we can’t help but think the Samsung Z is mobile oriented, or at the very least, an extension of their line of laptops and possibly even a new line of Chromebooks.


One possible answer? The Z could be Samsung’s long awaited Tizen phone, launching along their now Tizen-based Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

We’re not sure what the Samusng Z is or if Samsung will announce it at Mobile World Congress 2014, but we’ve only got a few hours until we find out. Phandroid will be reporting live from Samsung’s Press Conference, so stay tuned for more.

Let us know what you think the Samsung Z is – or what you hope it is – in the comments!

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  1. Samsung phone running Tizen?

    1. I meant tiZen :)

    2. Seems pretty obvious to me that it is their first Tizen phone.

  2. its a Tizen phone!..only makes sense right?

  3. Could it be same internals and externals as the S5, but with Tizen? Seems likely. They have the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, so there is a link.

  4. So could it be that the supposed to be S5 that leaked could actually be Samsung Z?

    1. Thats what I was thinking ;)

  5. Yet-another-Samsung-device? Come on.

  6. Sigh… so many choices so little funds. I’m ready to go back to all Nexus everything.

    1. Dual speakers?
      Yes, please.

      1. It would be cool but I wouldn’t cry if they didn’t add them. So far I still would go for the Nexus 5 at this point instead of the hardware design for the S5

        1. I am about 2 months from getting a new device and right now N5 and MotoX are the top competitors for my money. A nexus 6 would be great, but I can’t see Google using that name. The whole Android/Nexus thing is already so BladeRunner inspired I can’t see them going that far.

          1. They better not quit it. Plus they need a device to offer the new operating systems for the purity of native Android. They might not call it Nexus 6 but they shall have a 2014 Nexy out and I will want it I’m sure as how I have the GS4 chosen over the N4… I would if loved the N5 but I’ll have to wait for the next nexus for my nexus heart

        2. Hell, I’d buy a Desire 816 over the GS5! At least they look nice haha

          1. I would do the same in that lather

    2. Assuming they plan to continue the KitKat marketing scheme, I’d say 4.5 will be Life Saver or Laffy Taffy

  7. Galaxy is for Android devices. The Gear 2 isn’t called Galaxy Gear 2, it’s just Gear 2 because it runs Tizen. I would then assume that the Samsung Z (sans Galaxy) would be a Tizen phone.

  8. if they put the “Galaxy” name on a Tizen powered smart watch, why wouldnt they brand the phone the same way?

    1. The new smartwatches are just called the Samsung Gear (2 or Neo) – there’s no Galaxy branding on them this time around.

      1. thanks for the correction. i had to go back n get my facts str8.

    1. is this real?

      1. Yes its as real as its going to get ;)

        1. if that IS it then looks like it’s the xperia z2 for me……underwhelming :(

          Thanks for the early sneak peak though.

    2. Looks legit

      1. It is Legit ;)

        1. Yup, saw the keynote

  9. I have one of the Tizen Development devices and have been using and keeping up with their SDK.

    Lets just say that they have a long way to go to fix just the toolset for developers.

    The SDK crashes constantly (regardless of platform)

    The SDK is not documented well at all – neighther are the APIs

    The SDK requires Oracle Java 6 or above, and won’t work with Sun Java 6 or OpenJDK- WTF?

    The SDK install instructions are not correct for any platform, but especially Linux (which should have gotten better with my pushes to the Team of new instructions).

    Runtime graphic artificating

    Not as fast as Android running on the same hardware (part of that is running web-based VM for everything).

    So yeah… even if they finally get it out there, it needs quite a bit of work to make it worthwhile. I will say that when stuff does work right, it is a really fast and easy platform to develop on. It does bring back the C language for coding of applications which is the only really “native code”.

    1. Well, to be fair, Android’s SDK had compatibility problems with OpenJDK in its early days too. The jarsigner wasn’t the same either iirc. They’ll get it worked out (or it’ll fade away)

  10. Hmm.. Zee or Zed?

    1. I guess that depends on what country you call home.

    2. or perhaps Zod.

    3. Zed or your grasp of the English language sucks.

  11. It is a phone that will work when all cell towers have been knocked down by the Zombies in the Z-war

    prepare for a walking dead cameo ;P

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