Samsung Gear Fit brings fitness-focused smart watch



Samsung already revealed the latest Gear smart watches over the weekend, and the Galaxy S5 was just put out into the world for all to see, but the company seems to have forgotten one wrist-dwelling device.

It’s the Samsung Gear Fit, a 1.85-inch curved AMOLED device with interchangeable bands. Its claim to fame will be all the activity and fitness-centric sensors onboard, including a sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor and a built-in pedometer, all of which can be synced up to your S Health app on the latest Galaxy devices.

Beyond that, you’ll also get the usual notifications for phone, email and text messages, S Planner and more, as well as stopwatch and timer functions. Samsung’s 210mAh battery inside is said to be able to deliver 3-4 days of battery life, which is a better rate than the 2-3 days that the Gear 2’s 300mAh kit provides.

The Gear Fit is clearly not meant to offer up the same experience as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, but it could end up being a nice little life companion for anyone who wants to be more conscious about their health (and it does look a lot more sleek and stylish than any other activity tracker we’ve seen on the market). Have a look at it in some of the images above, and expect it to be on sale alongside the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Samsung Galaxy S5 at some point this Spring.

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  1. Let’s see…I have my phone and Glass. Don’t really need a Gear 2….Though the geek in me wants to get one. But since the Nike Fuel doesn’t play nice with Android, and I’m not to keen on the other bands out there….i might just have to give this a look and see what S.Health has to offer. I hope they come in white to match my S4 and Glass…..Release Date???

  2. Why is the screen oriented that way? I now either have to turn my head to see the time, or only know when I’m flying around superman style. Either that, or read sideways, but where’s the fun in that!?

    1. Bike riding? Actually, if you think about it, it requires more movement to read your watch the traditional way.

      1. 2 great answers to the questons in my head, thank you.

  3. Despite being unimpressed with the Galaxy S5, I rather like the look of the Fit. Whoever is designing these watches should probably be designing Sammy’s phones.

    I’m also glad they included the heart rate monitor. That’s one thing that’s sorely missing from most fitness trackers and something that’s basically sold me on this. Just hope that I can use this with my Nexus 5.

    1. There is a fitness tracker watch from a company called Basis that includes a heart rate sensor and can track your sleep patterns too. It’s a cool option if you’re looking into these kinds of wearables.

    2. Except you have to pose like an idiot to read the watch. Really dumb design if you ask me. Display is oriented wrong to read it without holding your arm in a stupid position

      1. Because reading text that is slanted is totally unpossible.

  4. device compatibilty still limited like the Gear?

  5. One kind of huge mistake I think they’ve made, and I think it’s a mistake because I can’t confirm if it’s true or not, is that because of the way the screen is orientated the time display won’t be read parallel with your arm but in fact perpendicular to the way you’d look at a wrist watch.

    I think that might make it uncomfortable to check the time if you have to twist your whole arm/wrist to orient the face so you can read it quickly. I’m sure you could get used to reading it sideways with practice, I just don’t know why you’d want to.

  6. it’s a bit awkward to read the text on screen if the text oriented that way (as shown in the image).

  7. It’s compatible with 20 Galaxy devices when it launches April 11th.

  8. If you wear it with the face on the inner wrist it would be very legible.

  9. Does this work as a standalone or has to pair with Galaxy phone?

  10. Gear fit will sell more than the others.

  11. It looks like an alarm clock on your wrist LOL. I, personally, like the look of LifeTrak’s Zone C410. It has all the same capabilities but better too.

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