Sony teases ‘something extraordinary’ for MWC


Sony will be at Mobile World Congress (we will too!), and they want us to know that they have something to show off. “Something extraordinary,” in fact. A brief teaser has made it’s way to the Sony Xperia channel on YouTube teasing a date of February 24th, which happens to be Monday. It also happens to be the kick off date for this year’s MWC in Barcelona.

The clip doesn’t reveal much else other than flowing red fabric and a silhouetted woman, an emphasis that likely alludes to the design aspects of whatever Sony plans to show off. The hashtag #XperiaDetails is also briefly glimpsed.

What will Sony have to show us? Our thoughts immediately turn to the rumored followup the the Xperia Z1, which just so happened to debut a year ago at the very same show. Last week we got a glimpse of a device going by the codename Sirius (and later a lengthy walkthrough video), but most expect it to launch as the Xperia Z2. This is complicated slightly by a leak from earlier this week showcasing a tablet also called the Xperia Z2.

Chances are we could see both. Chances are they both could be called the Sony Xperia Z2 (with “Tablet” being the differentiating factor). We’ll know in a few days.


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  1. perhaps it’s gonna come with a Trinitron display.

    sorry, slow day.

  2. Something extraordinary would be it launching on all major US carriers…

    1. Oh yeah… Very cool. A guy can dream.

    2. I sympathise with both consumers (wanting the option to choice most devices on all carriers), and companies (not wanting to spend the money, time and effort to deal with all the carriers to make their devices available through them if the investment may result in a loss). Possible reasons for the loss being that carriers might be unwilling/unreasonable in regards to who’s paying for what, marketing it properly etc. Everyone’s at the mercy of someone else’s possible stupidity or shortsightedness. Mobile device companies are no exception.

    3. Making headway in the US with the Android (and mobile device market) being so overcrowded makes things difficult. People in the US being either pro-Apple or pro-Samsung to a certain extent also makes life as a device manufacturer who wants their products available on all the carriers harder.

      1. Sony has been it’s own stumbling block here. If not now, in the past Sony has way stronger brand recognition in general than Samsung. However, being unwilling to consider releasing on a CDMA carrier has always been a death knell for them. Them then deciding they would give up on the US for now didn’t help either, but they may have changed their minds on that last month. Still doesn’t matter [much] if they won’t do Verizon and Sprint phones…

    4. *launching on all major US carriers… first.

  3. With all due respect to Kevin Krause’s fine reporting…
    When the heck is the Xperia Z1 Compact (Locked or Unlocked) going to hit the Red, White and Blue shores!?!?!

    Yours Truly,
    Dying of Anticipation

  4. The xperia SE? Then next year the Xperia SEX?

  5. I’d enjoy a Z2, Z2 Ultra, Z2 Tablet and Z2 Mini all available online for all countries and carriers at Nexusesque prices. :)

    1. No non Nexus devices will ever be that cheap unless it’s a cheap mid to low end phone.

  6. These teasers never truly reveal what the device really is. Like it could be some smart watch and it’s showing all this elegance. What’s elegant about a smart watch? =.=

    Anyways, Mobile World Congress can’t take any longer to get here. >.<

  7. Boring.

    1. You’re boring.

  8. No bezel?

  9. What the hell. Sony, you need to fix the touchscreen problems with the z1 and z1s first

    1. The extraordinary thing will be a Z1 without touchscreen problems. DUH! ;)

  10. “Our thoughts immediately turn to the rumored followup the the Xperia Z1, which just so happened to debut a year ago at the very same show” – Incorrect. The Z1 was unveiled at IFA on the 4th of September.

  11. Extraordinary Snorefest

  12. I really hope its going to include a XZ2 Compact (on all US carriers).

    And the big “extraordinary” dream would include a new Xperia Tablet Z2 as the new Nexus 10 offering. I’ve been waiting forever for a 10″ Android tablet but don’t like the Samsung models and would really like native Android OS running along with the nice price points.

    1. What’s up, Chris? Punch any women lately? :D

      1. Wrong Chris Brown. He’s a d-bag.

  13. Not sure where you are getting your information buy a year ago ish the xperia Z was announced at CBS. The Z ultra came in summer and Z1 sometimes afterward like September

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