HTC now taking your questions live on Reddit sans Robert Downey Jr.



Yesterday we told you guys about HTC’s plans to host a live AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit (although admittedly, forgot to include the timezone). For those that may have missed yesterday’s post, HTC’s AMAA (ask me almost anything) on R/Android is now officially live with the North American Product team taking questions.

We didn’t want you to miss it, as we’re sure to receive some added insight on what makes HTC tick, as well as their views on Sense vs stock Android, the HTC M8 (seriously, they’re not going to reveal anything), and any other concerns you may have as a current or potential HTC customer. But there are some things HTC wont be talking about:

  • Global devices or process since the team is North America specific.
  • Support issues for your device. For those questions reach out to our Customer Support team directly:[3]
  • Fun things like future devices, as our lips are sealed.

Should be good! For those who’s job doesn’t afford them the luxury of browsing through Reddit, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on things should anything newsworthy come out of the AMA. Link below.

[HTC AMAA on Reddit]

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  1. What’s an AMA if you can’t actually ask them anything?

    1. You can ask them anything, you just may not get the answer you want.

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