Galaxy Gear on sale today for $150 at Best Buy


Samsung Galaxy Gear Candy Crush

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is today’s Best Buy deal of the day with select color options going for as much as half off the normal retail price. Normally priced at $299.99, today only the Android-powered smartwatch can be purchased for $149.99 in a variety of colors. Here are the ones getting the discount:

Other colors, including Jet Black and Mocha Gray, still see their prices discounted, although the savings aren’t as steep. Those models are on sale at $249.99.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear sales have been slow, to say the least. While we haven’t been updated on numbers in recent months, between the time of its launch in September 2013 and mid-November of the same year the smartwatch had reportedly only sold 50,000 units. In some regions Samsung has had to resort to permanent price cuts in the same range as today’s Best Buy deal.

The Galaxy Gear’s slow launch can be attributed to its limited compatibility with only the Galaxy note 3 at the time. Since then, Samsung has rolled out support for other handsets in their flagship lineup, increasing the number of users that can take advantage of the Gear. While the larger potential userbase should equal increased sales, Samsung has declined to discuss sales figures. When a company is not discussing sales figures, that really can only mean one thing…

If you have been eyeing the Galaxy Gear but looking for the perfect opportunity to grab one, here is your chance. We’re sure Samsung will appreciate it.

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  1. So the fire sale has started..

  2. Psh, pass.

  3. I wouldn’t buy it for $99

    $49 I would think about it, then pass

    1. i’d pay $50. $75? maybe, but that’s really pushing it. $100, definitely not

  4. I jumped on this one. Wouldn’t be surprised if it drops even more, but $149 was my cap and didn’t think it’d drop in price this fast…then again, the Gear 2 is just around the corner to be announced with the S5…LOL. I may end up returning or selling it.

  5. make it fully compatible for all android jelly bean and greater and I would buy one. I don’t want to buy a watch that locks me into a certain device.

  6. I would consider getting one, but I keep hearing that they only work with Samsung devices. WTF!? Why!? Oh well…

    *hopes that someone comments other good Smart-watch alternatives*

    1. 1.Pebble 2.Pebble 3.Pebble. What I am trying to say is, get a Pebble.

      1. I keep hearing good things about them. Guess I’ll make my 1st smart-watch a Pebble then.

        I’ll just make sure a new one isn’t around the corner before I rush and buy one. LoL!!

        1. Shhhh…never tell them you can’t answer an incoming call on Pebble “smartwatch”.

  7. One of The most returned devices. Fail at any price.

    1. Oh YOU MAD… BRO? … Richard Sherman would say! ;-P ……must be an iDiot fan of Tom Brady, Manning and Apple….. all three are losers this year!!! :DDD

      1. Tom Brady lives in a 40 million dollar PAID FOR house and sleeps with Giselle Bundchen. You may want to reconsider what your definition of “loser” is.

        1. Money isn’t everything and I’m sure only Apple will tell you that it is. Both Brady and Manning….. you can bet aren’t ever happy about losing anything. AND…. no matter what majority there are of returns, Gears all get resold anyway. Gear Smartwatch….. just like original Galaxy Note was most definitely a SUCCESS….. whether Apple or Microsoft or Moto Super fans want us to believe that or NOT!

          Galaxy Gear is a success whether DavidB23 (dedicated Samsung hater Moto fan) wants to believe that or not! ;-P …..and yeah I know you’re not an Moto Only or Apple fan, but here’s my point;

          In fact Galaxy Gear has already sold more than any other smartwatch or iVaporware smartwatch on the market. Plus what constitutes a success does not have anything to do with who you sleep with, how much you spend on a house or even if you like Samsung or the Gear or not!

          If I owned the latest Ferrari or better yet a Bugatti Veyron, with it’s removable Infino Brand Plastic Roof, doesn’t mean it’s CHEAP or that I’m necessarily a Success either. (same brand plastic used in Moto’s phones and Apple’s “Re-invented plastic iPhone 5c… lol..)

          Most sane non-Appleholic people don’t fall into the lame “I hate FLASH” or “I hate Plastic” or “I hate Screens Bigger than 3.5inches”…… or even “I hate Galaxy Gear” when they don’t even own one. But I know you are mainly just being a contrarian on this subject! :D

          But I’d like to point out to you for future reference….. that the plastic in Samsung Devices fools like DavidB23, like to claim is inferior to metal or plastic in Moto’s phones, is made by Samsung themselves too. The Infino Brand Polycarbonate (Samsung Cheil Industries) fulfills it’s purpose far better than metal does (or glass in the case of Bugatti Veyron removable roof, like the removable back door on Galaxy phones)! ;-P

          So … I hope DavidB23 tells us again how Gear Smartwatch has not been a success in the future, after Gear 4 and 5 get launched in the Future and as Gear 2 gets launched before Apple even has a smartwatch out!

  8. Wouldn’t buy it for $50 I’m gonna hold out til the smart watches actually get smart

  9. There is still the question of why would anyone buy this thing.

  10. Oatmeal beige looks tempting but, when it’s a minimum o f$75 I’ll bite

  11. they must be planning to release two more models this year

  12. Thanks for the heads up, because of you guys I was able to purchase the lime green Galaxy Gear.

  13. Purchased the Rose gold to pair with my Note 3. What a steal

    I remember when I first got the Note 3, the Verizon lady was pushing the galaxy gear hard. No way for $300, but for half off, I jumped on it.

  14. I jumped on one for $119

    1. Where? Best Buys are now selling Gear for $249 again!

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