Jan 24th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 DSC05087

Samsung saw a minor drop in operating profit in Q4 of 2013, seeing an 18 percent decline from Q3 to earn 8.31 trillion won ($7.72 billion). Overall, Samsung saw saw a modest increase in revenue year-over-year, finishing 2013 with a record 228.69 trillion won (a 14 percent increase). The number equated to a 27 percent increase in yearly operating profit at 36.79 trillion won (about $34 billion).

Any slight declines in quarterly profits Samsung attributes to several factors, namely year-end inventory adjustments and  a rather extravagant marketing budget. Other factors included a $745 million employee bonus payout as well as the recent performance of the Korean won.

Samsung, however, says that there is stronger demand for the company’s line of mobile products than ever before, noting that tablet sales were double that of 2012. There was also mention of a larger investment in wearable tech, though sales figures for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch were not discussed.

[Samsung via Engadget]

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