Samsung Galaxy Gear sales reportedly hit 50,000 globally, doesn’t stop custom custom ROM development


Galaxy Gear custom ROM

Rumors that so far, the Samsung Galaxy Gear hasn’t been the breakout smartwatch Samsung wanted it to be aren’t very surprising. According to Business Korea, industry sources are now claiming that only a total of 50,000 Galaxy Gears have been sold globally, putting the device at about 800 to 900 units sold a day. While this isn’t your typical “Galaxy” territory, slow sales haven’t stopped Android tinkerers from loading up the Galaxy Gear with custom software.

Android developer fOmey on XDA is leading the charge, and with the help of fellow devs has put together a functional ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The custom software allows for native apk installations on the Galaxy Gear, along with other enhancements like upping video record times to 60 seconds, and Nova Launcher as the default home app. There’s even live wallpaper support for the truly daring (would love to see this in action).

Lots more can be found on the Null_ 09.1 thread on XDA. It should be noted that while the custom ROM enables a heap ton of extra features for the Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch still requires a Samsung device with the appropriate software to function properly.


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  1. com.LargeC…? What does the C stand for? =.3

  2. I’d say at this point, this is the best smart watch.

  3. custom custom Rom eh Chris lol

  4. I don’t think I’ll consider getting a smart watch until flexible displays are used. now that would be badass!

  5. I use the the Galaxy Gear all day everyday and its a great device.

  6. I love my Note 3, but you couldn’t pay me enough to want to wear ANY watch again.

  7. This morning Reuters is reporting that the company has sold 800,000 of the wearable devices since its late September launch — all the more significant as for much of that time it required a Galaxy Note 3 to operate. Initial sales of the device exceeded Samsung’s own expectations, according to the report.

    Update: There’s some confusion as to whether Samsung has sold or shipped 800,000 Galaxy Gears. Although Reuters reports the figure represents sales, Korean publication Yonhap claims Samsung is referring to shipments to retailers.

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