Feb 13th, 2014

T-Mobile said they’d be looking to put a hurting on the big guys at the top of the wireless food chain, and it looks like some are listening and (somewhat) responding.


Verizon is the latest carrier to introduce some sweeping changes to their options, as they have introduced “More Everything” plans. These plans are structured nearly identically to Share Everything, but you just get more. Simple as that.

So how much is “more?” Here’s how Verizon tells it:

  • Data: Simplified monthly data allowances that fit their family’s wireless needs. Some customers will see their data allowance doubled for the same monthly price they paid previously.
  • Verizon Edge: MORE Everything customers who choose Verizon Edge will also be eligible for $10 off monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8 GB, and $20 off monthly smartphone access on plans of 10 GB and higher.
  • Messaging: Unlimited international messaging will be added to unlimited domestic text, picture and video messaging.
  • Storage: Each MORE Everything line can use up to 25 GB (or up to 250 GB on a 10 line account) of cloud storage from Verizon Wireless, which means customers never lose a contact’s number, cherished photos of the once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or video from a school recital. Cloud storage also means important information is easily available whether devices are upgraded tomorrow or in two years.

It probably goes without saying, but you’ll need to be hooked up on Verizon’s Share Everything plans to even be considered for these goodies. Those still holding onto unlimited data for dear life should probably disregard all of this.

It’s worth noting that Verizon specifically says only “some” customers will see their data allowance doubled. Nearly all plans will see a bump, but some might only see 1GB over what they currently enjoy. For instance, 500MB to 1GB is double, but not a big jump. In the same breath, customers with 2GB won’t suddenly get bumped to 4GB — those folks are only enjoying an increase to 3GB.

Verizon says they’ll be automatically moving existing Share Everything customers to More Everything plans starting today, while new customers (even those with small business accounts) will be subject to More Everything by default.

[via Verizon]

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