Feb 13th, 2014

lg g2 mini teaser

LG seems to be getting their pre-MWC teasing out of the way early. They’ve already officially revealed the LG G Pro 2, and now it seems they’re teasing a mini variant of their 2013 flagship LG G2.

The picture below was posted to Facebook, showing several objects in black and white sitting next to miniaturized, magenta-tinted versions of the same item. At the end of the graphic is what we can only assume to be an LG G2 Mini.

LG is definitely bringing this thing to their Mobile World Congress 2014 press event, though we don’t have many other details to drool over at this time. We do see that LG will continue the trend of putting power and volume buttons on the back, so that’s good. Other than that, not a clue. Also, we’re not sure what to make of the pink hue being used in these photos. T-Mobile, maybe? Maybe not. Perhaps LG just likes pink.

History would typically indicate that this mini phone wouldn’t be up to par with the original’s, but a couple of different manufacturers have been breaking that trend lately. Motorola did with the DROID Mini on Verizon, and Sony completely blew us away with the ridiculous specs inside the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. We’re not sure which side of the line an LG G2 Mini will stay on, but we’re hoping LG will clue us in in just a coupe of short weeks (that’s if we don’t already hear anything in the rumor mill before then).

[via Facebook]