Muzei Live Wallpaper is Roman Nurik’s (DashClock) latest open-sourced brainchild [VIDEO]


Getting into the live wallpaper business is nothing new, nor is it particularly exciting — nearly everyone has done it. But when Roman Nurik, the creator of DashClock, does it, we tend to take notice. Turn your attention to Muzei — derived from the Russian word for “museum” (музей) — a live wallpaper that changes every day to show you the many beautiful pieces of art from around the world.

Muzei pulls images from a list of artwork curated by Nurik and his fiancée, and displays a blurred version of it as your homescreen wallpaper each and every day. Of course, the blur effect is counterproductive to the underlying goal of highlighting and showing off works of art, so if you want to see whatever image you have and any info about it, simply double tab the wallpaper or open Muzei.

Muzei can also pull from your own photos, whether it’s a random assortment of whatever’s in your gallery, or a pre-selected list of photos that you want it to cycle between everyday. And if you know Roman Nurik, you know he had to build this thing with open-source values and extensibility in mind. Not only is he sharing the code he used to build the app, but he’s built APIs to allow developers to have Muzei pull from their own sources of images.

You can get Muzei onto your phone for free from the Google Play Store right here. And if you’re a developer interested in the source code and using Muzei’s APIs, Roman’s got you hooked up with all of that right here. Be sure to give it a go if you’ve been looking for a dynamic live wallpaper that spits out beautiful imagery on a daily basis, and watch the video above if you need more of a visual before giving it a try for yourself.

[via Google+]

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  1. Not compatible with my RAZR M :(

    1. What version of Android is the Razr M running? This requires Android 4.2 or higher

      1. Ahh, its currently at 4.1.2. Thanks!

  2. Nice, but can’t unseat Chainfire’s 500 Firepaper “live” wallpaper as #1 in my book.

    1. It’s worth noting there’s already a 500px extension for Muzei:

  3. Just released mine

    National Geographic Picture Of The Day.

    Might take a wile to appear on Google Play. Enjoy.

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