Feb 11th, 2014

themer google play

It was only yesterday that we reported on Themer, a one-click theme app that made it easy for users to customize their phones with new looks, being pulled from the Google Play Store thanks to a DMCA claim by Apple. The app was pulled because one of the themes resembled iOS 7. MyColorScreen — the company responsible for Themer — complied with the request and quickly removed the theme from their large repository, but has seemingly been in limbo as far as getting the app approved for redistribution in the Google Play Store.

It sounds like Google caught wind of all the shouting everyone was doing, though, as the app has suddenly reappeared in the Google Play Store following yesterday’s reports about it. We’re probably never going to know if the timely return of Themer was the vocal community’s doing, but we’d like to assume it is anyway.

More glad than anyone is the team behind Themer themselves, as they’ve recently revealed that they’re getting ready to graduate from beta and bring their first stable release to the forefront. It would have been tough to make sure folks got the updates they needed leading up to launch without it being in the Google Play Store, so we’re sure a collective sigh of relief went out around their offices whenever they heard the news that they’d been reinstated.

If you were curious about what this app was and how it worked yesterday, now’s your chance to take a look. It’s a free download and doesn’t require any invitations or sign-up codes, so grab it from the Google Play Store at your earliest convenience. It might be one theme shorter than it was before it left, but with over 200 more (and tons being added each and every week) there should be no shortage of options to keep your attention.