Feb 10th, 2014

Themer by MyColorScreen

Well, folks, Apple’s done it again. The evil company out in Cupertino has put their hounds lawyers to work to find more lawsuits to keep them busy. The latest episode comes at the expense of Themer, the great one-click theme app that allows users to transform their phone from typical home-screen mayhem into beautiful, functional experiences. Find our hands-on here in case you’ve been living under a rock all this time.

According to a Google+ post made by the CEO of the company, Apple reportedly had issues with the theme “Seven,” which apparently infringed on some of Apple’s iOS icons. It’s true — the theme’s purpose was to make your phone look and feel more like iOS7, and that’s why Themer had no problem taking it out of the app once Google suspended it from the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, getting the app back up hasn’t gone as quickly as they’d hope. A process they initially thought was only going to take a few days could now take a few weeks, with Google not willing to accelerate the process for one of the biggest apps in the Play Store. Themer says they’ve been forced to email random people in hopes to find someone who can at least help shed light on how long the process might take, but they haven’t gotten far without an official developers’ advocate.

Themer toyed around with the idea of releasing the APK while waiting for Google, but ultimately decided against it. They cited the uncertainties of circumventing the Google Play Store in a time where direct and immediate upgrades are critical — the app is still in beta, after all. For what it’s worth, those who already had the app downloaded will still get treated to new themes on a regular basis and life will go on as normal, but those new to the party will have to wait until this situation is taken care of.