Feb 3rd, 2014

sprint direct connect now

Chirp chirp! Do people still do that anymore? No? Well, just in case you do, you’ll be happy to know that Sprint’s bringing Direct Connect functionality to a handful of new Android devices, which also includes the ability to use push-to-talk with other users of these handsets. Here’s the list of new phones with Direct Connect:

Sprint is also expecting to make it available on the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 w/ Spark and Galaxy Mega sometime soon. Direct Connect operates over Sprint’s 4G LTE network, and is a permanent replacement to the now-retired iDEN that Sprint set to rest quite a while ago. Here are all the benefits that this new 4G-powered standard provides:

  • Sprint Direct Connect on 4G LTE capable devices
  • New enhanced user experience
  • Interoperable with Sprint® Direct Connect® devices
  • Convenient touchscreen controls
  • TeamDC and Opt-In TeamDC closed group calling
  • Call alerts to notify others you want to talk without interrupting
  • Displays contact image for speaker
  • Synchronizes contacts with device’s address book
  • Create favorites for most contacted Direct Connect® contacts

Sound good? Sprint reminds us that most of their service plans include Direct Connect at no additional cost, though those on some plans will have to cough up about $5 per month. Not a bad deal if you’re into this sort of thing. Give it a whirl in the Google Play Store.