Samsung Galaxy Note Pro now available for pre-order for $850, ships Feb 13th [UPDATE: Tab Pro too]


Samsung Galaxy Note Pro screenshot pre-order

Let’s be real, when Samsung announced that they’d be launching an uncompromising, super premium tablet line packed to the brim with as many high-end specs as they could throw at it, the one word they never used to describe them was “affordable.”

Beginning today, at least one model is now available for pre-order from Office Depot: the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. The tablet begins shipping on Feb. 13th (lining up with our tip that they’d be launching in time for Valentine’s Day) for the whopping price of $850. Before you flip, here’s the premium hardware included in the pricing…

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro comes equipped with the Note-lines trademark S Pen and a huge 12.2-inch 2560×1600 display, Exynos octa-core processor, 64GB of internal storage and micro SD card slot, 3GB of RAM, 8MP rear/2MP front facing cameras, 9,500mAh battery, and powered by Android 4.4 KitKat.

UPDATE: It looks like the regular Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is also up for pre-order (thanks, Raitchison!). The Tab Pro packs the same specs as the Note Pro, only manages to do away with the S Pen for a $200 discount. At $650, that’s not a bad deal for those that don’t mind using their finger the old fashioned way when messing with their tab.

Don’t forget, we got up close and personal with these very same tablets during last month’s CES, in case you need a little refresher before pulling the trigger. Hands-on video, followed by pre-order links, can be found below.

Pre-order at Office Depot: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro ($850) | Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 ($650)

[via Engadget]

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  1. The Tab Pro 12″ is there for $649 so it looks like they are charging $200 for the S-Pen (which I never found a use for on my original Galaxy Note)

    I have my eye on the Tab Pro 8″, I had been planning on replacing my Tab 2 7.0 with a Tab 4 7.0 but it looks like the Tab Pro series is all we’re getting this year. I’m willing to pay a bit more for upgraded specs but if the price is over $300 I’m out.

    1. That makes no sense. Even compared to the Note 10.1 (2014). The 16 GB is 550, the 32 GB is 600, one would think they’d match this pricing. I mean, it’s just 2″ extra..
      I was planning to get this line the next time I got a tablet, but this could prove to be too much.

    2. Ah, thanks for the heads up! Updated the post with the link.

  2. Can’t see paying a high price for this. A Surface pro 2 would be better than getting this which has full windows support. Plus that video didn’t help it’s cause either.

    1. That video was terrible… 8MP front facing camera and a 2MP Back camera lol

    2. I agree you are getting a haswell i5 for 50 dollar more . The ARM processors is no where close to the x86 processors

  3. Brilliant tablet for an android but 1. Too big for use outside home and 2. you can get better full pc windows 8 tablet for much less or a surface pro 2 for a little more… Arm tablets are toys in comparison

  4. Or you could spend $850 and buy a 60 inch TV.

  5. I’d rather spend $850 on strippers…#nojoke

    1. I feel like you and I would make great friends

    2. I’d rather buy the TV. I can enjoy using the TV a great many times more with that money than I can enjoy the company of strippers. Plus, considerably less risk of diseases with the TV.

  6. Sooo, it’s $200 more for a freaking stylus.

  7. Rather buy a Windows RT than this over priced mess…

  8. I really want a super high-end Android tablet, but this… I dunno. I really like the big size, I *loathe* tablets that are 7-8 inches, the stylus would be nice to have, but would I *really* use it. Those graphs and things shown are not something I’m ever going to implement. The price outrageous, I could get an older iPad and a PC laptop with that money. Why is it so damn hard to find a perfect Android tablet?

  9. I want that 8.4″ tablet. I’m going to trade in my nexus 7 for that one.

  10. What’s Pro about it? The new UI is designed for consumers, not pro use. $849? Ridiculous. There are things Id spend $850; a big tablet is not one of them.

  11. I had the 2014 note 10.1, actually had 3 of them. The display was horrid on them all.
    No way I’ll by another Samsung tablet again.

  12. Rather get the haswell based ASUS Transfomer Duet TD300 for cheaper which comes with both Android and WIndows at 13.3″ Which is a respectable laptop size and can convert to a tablet as well.

  13. biggest flop ever who in there right minds would spend that much might as well get the sony flip vaio 11 for that price. samsung your stocks about to drop unless s5 can save you

  14. They don’t really expect to sell many of these do they? I mean even IF the hardware is awesome I still couldn’t justify 900 bucks for a tablet, that’s just madness. Also 12″ is a bit much. I love love looooove Samsung stuff, but the bloatware they pre-install/preventremovalof is enough to make me want to stop buying them.

  15. Would this be the LTE variant. My network is LTE (5G).

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