Pebble appstore goes live for iOS, Android users left wanting (for now)


Pebble appstore banner

After announcing the upcoming launch of their app store for the Pebble smartwatch back during CES, today, the wearable manufacture is finally making good on that promise. Starting right now, Pebble wearers can browse through over 1,000 apps and watchfaces, spanning across 6 categories: Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Fitness, and Games.

Pebble app

Unfortunately for Android users, it look like appstore is iOS-only for now. Don’t worry, Pebble mentioned that an update to their Android app would be hitting the Play Store “very, very soon.” As a new Pebbler myself, it looks like I jumped on the wearable at just the right time.

[Pebble | via iSource]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I think it might be time for me to pick one of these up, finally.

    1. Just got one last week, and love it almost as much as Google Glass. In some cases it bests Glass (battery life, notifications from every app on your phone), but it’s limited in functionality. For $130 at Best Buy, you can’t go wrong :)

      1. Will there be an incoming review once Pebble’s appstore is available on the Play Store? I know I’d appreciate it. It’d be nice to see how some of the apps function.

  2. 100 dollars for students at best buy. Anyvody else peeved at the fact of Android being the more popular OS but continues to get burned when new apps come out? Sure ticks me off!

    1. Especially when there are more apps for pebble on Android than there is on ios smh

    2. I think it’s because of all the device configurations, takes more type to ensure app compatibility with Android’s thousands of smartphones and tablets. iOS…. there’s like 5.

  3. meh… the pebble make me feel like I’m in a old black and white spy novel anyway.

    IOS can keep this for all I care, but here’s hoping that the next galaxy gear will have a bit less bulk (it actually wasn’t that bad though imo) and will work with a create range of phones. (Samsung could really cleanup if they made it work with all android devices of a certain spec or above as opposed to just a couple of their top end devices)

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