Feb 3rd, 2014

Speculation surrounds Googleís top-secret floating facility

While many are still left speculating as to what Google has planned by their now infamous “mystery barge”, it looks like they might have a hard enough time simply staying afloat… literally.

A state agency has notified Google of an apparent lack of proper permits for the barge that first caught public eye back in October. According to San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission executive director Larry Goldzband, the Treasure Island Development Authority — whom originally leased the warehouse to Google where the barge is being constructed — could also face fines if construction of the barge continues.

Google issued a quick statement to TechCrunch mentioning the paper works is under review, but hasn’t revealed their game plan just yet. Really, all Google has to do is move the barge to one of the permitted construction facilities in the Bay area to avoid fines and/or enforcement, something much easier said than done.

While nobody is 100% positive of the bizarre experiments Google could be conducting inside the barge, it’s speculated it will simply be used as a “learning center” or a showroom for Google to display and educate the world on all their high-tech gadgets.


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