Tim Tebow can’t get a contract, so T-Mobile used him in a Super Bowl ad [VIDEO]


Nothing like a healthy round of self-shaming to get over the fact that absolutely no NFL team wants your services, eh? On the bright side, kudos to T-Mobile thinking up a unique way to feature one of the most talked about non-Quarterbacks in (or out) of the game. Watch one of the ads T-Mobile’s looking to use during Sunday’s Super Bowl in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Touche T-mobile,….touche (says AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)

  2. Super Bowl : meh.
    Super Bowl Commercials : yea!

    1. I don’t even know who’s playing who…

      1. ^^^ this. I’ve been working so much, I don’t even know. I know it isn’t the Bengals I I’ve lost track. Oh well. I hope doritos make another commercial like the “goat 4 sale” one from last year.. Funniest commercial ever!

        1. I don’t know because I don’t care… Football is so God dang stupid I can’t even begin to understand why so many people care.

      2. Seahawks vs Broncos… Pay it forward

      3. I don’t even know what sport(s) they’ll be playing.

    2. Superbowl is the biggest waste of time ever. There’s only about 10 minutes of actual game play. The rest is just setting up for the next play. Let’s see how much hate I get.

      1. Nah you’re entitled to your own opinion…. even if it’s wrong :-)

      2. There’s 4 quarters and each quarter is 15 minutes long. Even if half the time of each quarter is spent “setting up for the next play”, that’s triple your supposed “10 minutes”. And I’m not even a football guy.

        1. They honestly barely play at all. I’ve attempted to watch one in the past, and all they do is stand around setting up for a 10 second play. They get tackled, and start setting up for the next 5 minutes.

          1. Its perfectly choreographed to give you ample opportunity to go get a beer between plays and not miss anything.

            Stupid soccer matches you just sit there and watch a bunch of metrosexuals lob a funny looking ball back and forth all day. THATS boring.

          2. Funny shaped ball? At least it’s spherical like, you know, a ball! American Football is dull. For a better version of Egg Chasing try rugby – at least they are real men not armed to the teeth with protective pads and cushions!

          3. Correct me if am wrong, but I think only rugby n NFL balls are not round as is circle.

          4. No kidding. Talk about lack of action. The most action you get is when a player that was slightly touched in the leg falls to the ground holding their head.

          5. I never said I liked Soccer. I prefer Rugby League or Union. That’s where the real action is. Not this stupid hang egg game.

          6. Not really sure what you are talking about, but if you dont like football then their is no rule that says you have to watch it.

          7. what? if that were true then it would be mega boring but its not true

      3. The pro bowl is a waste of time, not the Superbowl.

      4. …And that’s why the DVR was invented…Let it record the first half, when the second half starts I start watching the game from the beginning…They run a play ,I hit skip forward (30 seconds) , they run the next play,I skip forward…The whole Super Bowl lasts 45 minutes for me, no dead play time.

      5. Football does have way too many stoppages for my taste as well.

    1. From the article: “Watch one of the ads T-Mobile’s looking to use during Sunday’s Super Bowl…”

  3. Quentyn as much as I like reading your post, I think your choice of words here are not the best. Tebow doesn’t have a contract only because he wants to be a QB. If he switches role from QB to another role say RB or WR (many have done it) he will have a contract.

    1. I’m totally aware of that, and that was part of the reason for my snarky tone. If he would stop being so stubborn and try out being a fullback or tight end I think he’d be great. But oh well.

    2. So, you have never seen Tebow play a position other than quarterback and assume he is better than all the guys who have grown up playing wide receiver, etc? Really? Do you even know if he can catch a ball? Can he run a route? Can he pick up a blitz? As a quarterback he couldn’t even read when a blitz was coming.

      1. My guess is you really haven’t read or follow anything regarding Tebow. If you don’t like him, that’s fine as your choice but being bluntly ignorant of facts is amazing.
        Once in a while when you see post like this try to read a bit out of tech blogs before making assumptions that are way off.

        1. Show me a “fact” of him playing a position other than quarterback then. Not special teams. A “fact” that he can play “RB or WR” as you mention above. Or is that just you “making assumptions that are way off”

          1. Just stop dude, you’re wrong. Look at plenty of articles, Tebow would have a job if he switched positions. He might be released soon after, but he will get a contract offer.

          2. ANY proof to back up your argument that there are NFL scouts and coaches that back up what you say? Any? Thought so.

          3. I really see your point. palyinObviously nothing would be for sure if he decided to switch positions, but in this situation I would bet everything I own that if he came out and said he wanted to be a tight end a team out there would sign him in a heartbeat.

            In no way am I a Tebow fan. I live in the heart of Tebow/Gator country and im over all the talk about him, but the fact that we are even having this talk on a tech blog which is worlds away from the football field, I can almost say im 99.99999% sure a team would sign him at another position if he was open to it.

          4. That’s exactly where teams want him to play, tight end, but he wants to be a QB.

          5. there is no “proof,” just a ton of reports (from different sources, one of which being espn) saying quite a few teams were interested in his abilities outside of QB position, but he said he wanted to play qb only, so talks died there.

          6. Google search! Try using it, you’d be amazed.

          7. Here is why you are so wrong about little Timmy. He has already not only proved he cannot throw a football accurately to a guy he is supposed to. He also proved he cannot adjust to the professional game. “More troubling for potential employers is that Tebow struggled badly with the mental side of the game…..”

          8. Read and learn from my post to the ESPN article about Timmy. And if you want to counter it, bring a fact and not an opinion. Which is all you have been doing.

        2. Teblow fans can be so small-minded and immature. If someone doesn’t love him as much as they do, they create a false dichotomy and decide the other person is “a hater” and rant and launch personal attacks. Enjoy watching him on the SEC channel. Cause you won’t be seeing him on Sundays.

          1. If you must know, am a Brady fan. With said you must get yourself informed before making ignorant statements.

  4. As a long-standing customer, I love t-mobile. But I would rather the Brand of t-mobile not be associated with a wannabe like Tebow

    1. Lol t-maybe blows… They are a wanna be phone company… Might as well have a wanna be football player spokesman …art imitates life

      1. yeah tmobile blows… who da heck would want to pay half the price for faster speeds?

      2. I switched, faster speeds less money, new phone every 6 months.
        Bad building penetration. But im always on wifi. Depends where you live though.

    2. You’d rather a company not associate themselves with a celebrity type person who’s drama free and has some morals?

      Who cares if he isn’t NFL QB material. You aren’t, I’m not, and no one else on this website is.

      He sets a positive example for people, and everyone hangs him out to dry, its pathetic.

      Note: I could care less about Tim Tebow, or the SEC, or Florida football.

      1. Pretty sure Tebow has been nothing but drama for his whole career. My problem with the commercials was the poor acting and stupid associate between I don’t have a contract because I suck, so you should join Tmobile.

        1. Hes never done anything controversial. Drama does follow him, but if you look at his “career” hes never said anything to bring the drama.
          And its a brilliant move- he probably has more fans than either QB in yesterdays game.
          Smart move…I dont get why he is so loved really. But its really smart. You wont have a guy who ends up banging 100 porn stars while married as your sports endorsement guy.

          1. Yeah, all that controversy over the anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial a few years ago wasn’t controversial and didn’t cause any drama.

  5. Football is for geys

    1. Hoping to lure in a boyfriend?

  6. Brilliant ad! Nothing like capitalizing on controversy.

  7. Figures a tech blog doesn’t have a lot of football fans. Guess the nerds will be playing clash of clans and wow to get their competitive nature out.

    1. Glad you touched on the topic,a perfect segue for a question some of us football fans mighta put on the back burner:

      Where is the FOOTBALL PICKEM’ game ( & accompanying/updated ANDROID APP from Neverstill Media) this season?

  8. Thats not cool at all…

  9. That’s the closest Tebow will ever get to the super bowl..

  10. Tebow is making more money with less talent because he’s smart. while his thug teamate Hernandez sits in jail, Tebow is out spending his signing bonus and raking in endorsements. while Hernandez was “keeping it real” Tebow was keeping it smart. so who’s the loser. the guy making commercials or the inmate?

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      recently got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working
      off a home pc… go now J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      1. I’m a huge fan of having computer viruses. I think I’ll go check out your suspicious website as soon as I preorder my new Mercedes.

  11. You know what time it is? Time for a Tebow-free football game (game not commercials)!!! Just like all of last season’s Sundays were. And hopefully into the future!

  12. Well you definetly tell there are way to many nerds here after reading the comments.

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