AT&T’s new family plans give you 10GB of data and all you can eat talk/text starting at $130


AT&T has introduced a new family plan option for both new and existing customers, as well as customers willing to port their lines over from Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The plans are very simple: users get unlimited talk and text, and the entire family shares a pool of 10GB of data. The plans get more expensive by $15 for each line of service you have. Here’s a quick breakdown of where their prices now stand:

  • 2 Lines: $130
  • 3 Lines: $145
  • 4 Lines: $160
  • 5 Lines: $175
  • $15 for each additional line

AT&T says existing customers can save $40 to $100 compared to their own plans, while new customers from, say, Verizon would be saving about $100 over comparable plans. While we wish AT&T would bring back unlimited data, we can’t say this is a bad deal at all considering how much of a premium data is going for these days. AT&T did mention that there were higher buckets of data to choose from, but we’re still waiting on word about prices and tiers.

There is one caveat to consider for families switching from other carriers: you’ll need to either buy smartphones on AT&T Next, buy one at full price or bring your own to take advantage. That said, don’t forget that you can get a $100 bill credit for each new line of service you add until March 31st (which might be a nice little incentive to take advantage of these new plans sooner rather than later).

[via AT&T]

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  1. I just switched everything over yesterday, saved me and my family 24 bucks and getting more data, I like, I love

  2. Isn’t T-Mob’s unlimited everything only $120 for two lines?

    I think it’s around $180 for four lines, but that’s again, unlimited everything (no throttling).

    (Yeah, yeah…if you get coverage…we get it…)

    1. I think it’s $120 for unlimited everything on 2 lines? ($10 more than 2.5gb per line), either way I was going to say this att deal was the better deal until the caveat about bringing your own device/full retail price. would have been a real bargain for subsidized phones.

      1. You’re right. I dropped $10 somewhere. Fixed. (Thanks!)

  3. 160 for 4 lines gets you unlimited data on all 4 lines on Tmobile

    1. Which is great if you live in an area with good T-Mobile coverage, if you don’t though it really doesn’t matter if you can’t even get a reliable EDGE connection.

  4. Only 10 GB for a family plan..? Man it’s unlimited or bust for me. That’s why I love T-mobile. Hopefully someday AT$T gets it, although since they eliminated their unlimited plans they seem to be going backwards.

    1. I have used 11GB so far this month with T-Mobile (long commutes on a bus to work and watching netflix). My phone says I have used 20GB – lol

    2. AT$T? Never heard of that company. Maybe you’re the one that doesn’t get It o.0

      1. Is this a cheap shot because you think I put the wrong symbol down? I know it’s AT&T i just replaced the & with a $ to illustrate how they are more expensive, and are extremely greedy with data limits all to maximize profits at the consumers expense. Hence the $ I inserted in their name. Very sorry you didn’t get it.

  5. Switched my five lines, yesterday. $95 per month savings! No strings attached, other than finishing my contract, which I was already doing at the old price!

    1. It feels good to save that much money doesn’t it? My friend is about to switch from verizon and he can’t wait. I switched to tmobile from sprint and was going to switch to this plan but my tmobile service where I live is top notch and after my discount its about $88 for 2 lines with 1 being unlimited 4g and the other throttled after 500mb since they rarely go over 400mb anyway.

  6. AT&T is a joke.

    T-Mobile is $50 for unlimited +$30 for second line + $10 for each line after that.

    Add $10 per line to step up to 2.5GB of 4G data from 500MB. Unless you are an internet radio listener, 500MB is plenty.

    1. internet radio?
      Some people watch videos grandpa. 500MB is not a whole lot, maybe ok if you are on wifi all the time.

      1. here’s your internet “jackass of the day” award, “junior”. Don’t spend it all in one place.

        1. Here is your tip ..stop being a sfb…enjoy your t mo.jerky

    2. 500mb is fine for people who are always around wifi, and only facebook and twitter or web browse…. i’m on wifi 75% of the time, i never use internet radio, but gps and navigation tends to suck up quite a bit of juice. So does downloading files and streaming video. I use about 1.5 gb every month and that’s with wifi at work for 9 hours and wifi at home.

    3. 500MB isn’t even close to enough, unless you are on WiFi like 95% of the time.
      I stay on WiFi most of the time at home and the office and I still run close to my 2.5GB limit pretty much every month and I occasionally wind up on throttled 128k, which is painful to use.

      You can’t compare a plan with 500MB of data to a plan with 10GB, it’s a completely different ballpark

      1. If you are one of the people who doesn’t use lots of data there’s no practical difference between 500MB and 10GB.

        My wife is a light user with access to WiFi at home and at work and never uses even 200MB of data (usually closer to 100MB).

        Really unless you stream content (audio or video) or use features like tethering often 500MB is more than enough. I’m a heavy user myself but I’ll be under 400MB for my current bill cycle because I don’t stream and I have access to WiFi at home and at work.

        1. I don’t pretend that isn’t true if you don’t need all of that data your better off with a lower cost plan with less data. But that doesn’t mean that it’s fair to equate a 500Mb and a 10GB plan and say one the 10GB plan is overpriced. It’s not designed for your usage, but for people who need that much data your lower priced plan wouldn’t be sufficient and for people looking for this kind of data it’s a relatively good deal.

        2. Thats a similar situation as mine. I am on tmobile and was going to switch until I ran speedtests and currently I’m only paying around $88 with my corporate discount for unlimited everything on one line and unlimited text and data on the other with 500mb of 4g lte and throttled after that. My wife never goes over 400 so it works out.

    4. Good.. for a comparative table

    5. I’m on tmobile and I would never say att is a joke. Right now a lot of people from tmobile are probably switching. I’m not because where I spend over 95% of my time I get lte and its usually faster than att lte. But att has more coverage and at $10 more than tmobile it is looking very good.
      Example: ATT 2 line value plan: $140 for text talk and 10gb to share
      Example: Tmobile: 2 Line plan with both unlimited everything, $160
      Most people never go over 3gb, the att plan is a better deal if you travel a lot or don’t get good tmobile coverage.
      Its all a matter of checking how much data you use.
      My plan with tmobile is: 1 line, unlimited everything, other line unlimited talk and text and 500mb 4g lte with throttling after that, I only pay $98 before my corporate discount. I choose to stay because tmobile is great in my area, if not I would choose att.

    6. LoL!! 500MB is background data a week for me.

  7. Comparing with their own previous plan, is a good deal.. But no way, I see no benefits here comparing with T-Mobile. (money talk) unless AT&T don’t step up back with unlimited data……………

    1. T-Mobile simply isn’t a viable option if they don’t have acceptable coverage in your area.

      1. Maybe isn’t a viable option for you, but where I live and work T-Mobile beat everyone. Don’t come to me with the same BS of the coverage..

        1. T-Mobile is #4 of the big 4 in my area. It is pathetic and even Sprint is better – yes Sprint. Too bad I’m under contract, I’d maybe jump to AT&T from Verizon with these new plans.

        2. It’s not B.S. trust me, it’s great for you that you have good TMO coverage but for others that won’t be the case.

          I was with T-Mobile for almost 10 years but had to switch to AT&T (paying more money for less data) last year because their coverage has gone to hell in the past few years. I live in suburban Los Angeles and there are lots of areas right around my house where I could not even get an EDGE connection (not even getting into how bad it was in the rural areas where I ride my motorcycle).

          1. Just because tmobile is not good in your area doesn’t mean they suck. In some areas att is horrible, does that mean they suck too? No, it just means you pick a service that works for you. It’s unbelievable how many people get mad because others get great service with tmobile and can save money.
            I was actually going to drop tmobile this weekend to switch to att for these plans, then I ran a speedtest on 2 of my coworkers att phones running on lte, the fastest they got was 3mbps. On my tmobile note 2 indoors I get around 22mbps and I walked outside and got 34mbps. So I decided to stick with tmobile for now. If in a month or 2 att gets better and offer the same plans you bet i’ll switch. I go with whoever works for me and offers the best deal. Just 3 months ago I was with sprint and although they offer great coverage their data speeds were horrible even on LTE.

          2. I never said that T-Mobile sucked, I just said that if you live in an area where they have poor coverage it’s not a viable option.

            I already plan on taking another look at TMO when my current contract is up and if they have their coverage at least back to where it was in 2008 I’ll likely switch back to them.

          3. I must have mixed your comment up with someone elses. sorry for the confusion. But just like you I was thinking of switching over but I ran several speedtests on my friends att phones and tmobile beat them by a mile every time. so for now I’m sticking by tmobile. Of course things can change very quickly which is why I love no contract plans. good luck with your choices.

      2. Same here, at my house T-mobile gets poor coverage but the real kicker is when I travel.. I do not exactly do it all the time but I do it frequently enough that I need my phone to work while on long drives…

  8. Thank you T-mobile!!

    i love it, we all should. T-mobile is putting the heat to ATT and forcing them to compete.

    this is what we as consumers want and need.

    keep pushing Tmo. ATT is gonna give us that unlimited data plan eventually.

    1. Yea, you go ahead and keep dreaming.

  9. another plan for the suckers

    1. How is this a plan for the suckers? Most people would benefit from this plan including some with unlimited data plans that never go over 4gb.

  10. Wow that’s actually good pricing for once. Granted I would get a bit less data, tack on a bunch of fees, but it’s still competitive to T-Mobile where I pay $200 for 5 lines.

    1. tmo is still cheaper when comparing the same data allowances but ATT coverage makes up the difference. so yeah, this is better than what they’ve offered in the past.

  11. Don’t fall for it, this is bullshit went into AT&T today to see about switching to this, my 5 lines would have run 287 a month… Yeah no thanks.

    1. over $100 in fees??


      1. The kicker part that they don’t tell you in the article is that each line that is still under a two year contract is 40 a month instead of 15 and the base charge of 100 is on the plan. So if you have 5 lines under contract or even a few under contract it is 100 plus 40 for each line on contract and 15 for the ones off.

  12. Still too expensive for me.

  13. LOL.

    What is this? A really bad joke? I am honestly dumbfounded that ANYONE could consider this fair or decent pricing. It’s very far from being close to reasonable. I remember someone saying AT&T doesn’t need to offer unlimited data because most people don’t use it. If they don’t use it what’s the harm in offering unlimited data?

    Thank god for the little guys, I’d never go back to AT&T to get back the 5% extra coverage I get with them.

  14. This is great, except AT&T next charges you $40/month for visual voicemail- which changes everything.

    1. If you use Google Voice for your voicemail instead of at&t’s voicemail system, you can use Google’s visual voicemail app for free.

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