Feb 3rd, 2014

AT&T has introduced a new family plan option for both new and existing customers, as well as customers willing to port their lines over from Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The plans are very simple: users get unlimited talk and text, and the entire family shares a pool of 10GB of data. The plans get more expensive by $15 for each line of service you have. Here’s a quick breakdown of where their prices now stand:

  • 2 Lines: $130
  • 3 Lines: $145
  • 4 Lines: $160
  • 5 Lines: $175
  • $15 for each additional line

AT&T says existing customers can save $40 to $100 compared to their own plans, while new customers from, say, Verizon would be saving about $100 over comparable plans. While we wish AT&T would bring back unlimited data, we can’t say this is a bad deal at all considering how much of a premium data is going for these days. AT&T did mention that there were higher buckets of data to choose from, but we’re still waiting on word about prices and tiers.

There is one caveat to consider for families switching from other carriers: you’ll need to either buy smartphones on AT&T Next, buy one at full price or bring your own to take advantage. That said, don’t forget that you can get a $100 bill credit for each new line of service you add until March 31st (which might be a nice little incentive to take advantage of these new plans sooner rather than later).

[via AT&T]

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