Addictive screen masher Flappy Bird comes to Android


UPDATE: Flappy Bird was removed from the Google Play Store.


Chances are you may have heard of the craze that is Flappy Bird. It has rocketed up the iOS charts, creating a Vine meme of users reacting to their crashing avian avatar in the process. Sure, the name definitely tries to cop some of Angry Birds’ street cred, but it seems just a few taps of the screen has been enough to get users hooked.

The concept of Flappy Bird is simple: tap the display to keep a bird afloat while navigating an 8-bit realm in the style of Super Mario. In fact, gameplay is a lot like old school Mario levels in the air or underwater where mashing a button was the only thing that would keep the Italian plumber afloat.

Apparently the Android version has been made a little less difficult than its iOS counterpart, so perhaps it won’t cause as many social media freak outs, but it will no doubt lure in more than a few, spawning an addiction that might see them tapping their screens in their sleep. That’s fair warning. Flappy Bird is available now as a totally free download from Google Play.

[via Google Play]

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  1. I find this game fun, but ridiculously hard.

    1. I don’t know who can call such hard game “addictive”? Uninstall for me.

  2. Grabbed it yesterday afternoon. Have a high score of 34 so far. Fun and frustrating at the same time.

  3. Pretty much the stupidest game ever made.

    1. I hit 77 last night. Very addicting and stupid

      1. 77, I thought I was doing well with 20, after pulling out my hair

  4. This game is frustration at it’s finest.

  5. This game thoroughly blows.

  6. This game will make you have high blood pressure.

    1. It also gave me syphilis.

      1. Eww why are people upvoting syphilis

        1. Better than herpes

      2. I hope I don’t catch anything reading Phandroid now.

  7. Frustrating game is frustrating.

  8. Hit 100 yesterday. I think I’m done

  9. I just wish it would exit when I hit the back button….

  10. wow that was insanely hard, its like an evil jet man with stolen super mario graphics, yes its addicting, but fun? not particularly


    And by worst, I mean it’s super frustrating and I wanted to throw my phone against the wall xD

  12. Forget this game. The gameplay mechanics are just much too random for this to be enjoyable. Hell Temple Run had a longer run on my phone. I’ll let my younger siblings deal with this bird, I’ll stick to my Candy addiction.

  13. If you’re tryna up your score, check this:

  14. Games too easy it’s like one of those wario ware mini games.

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