Plannning on upgrading your phone this year? Best Buy wants to give you $50 [DEALS]



Those looking to upgrade their Android devices this year are being offered a sweet little deal from Best Buy. Simply register your phone number with Best Buy between Sunday, February 2nd through Feb. 15th, and receive a $50 giftcard that can be used anytime during the rest of the year towards upgrading your device. It’s pretty simple, but here are the steps.

  • Register your phone with Best Buy (up to 4 phones on a family plan)
  • Upgrade using your registered phone numbers any time in 2014 by extending your 2-year agreement with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon
  • Receive $50 giftcard that can be used towards the purchase of your upgraded phone

Got it? Even if you’re unsure if you’ll be upgrading this year (perhaps you’re eying a different carrier or unsure if you want to extend your contract) there’s no pressure to actually upgrade through Best Buy once registered. Make sure you check out the full terms and conditions (sorry, the offer is only valid for upgrades and port-ins) via the sign up page below.

[Best Buy $50 giftcard promo]

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  1. Or I can save $50 tenfold by being with T-Mobile.

    1. If you want to sell you phone for half its value to tmobile then have to buy a new one from tmobile for twice what they paid you for yours. All for terrible coverage and almost nonexistant 4G network. Yea; sounds great.

      1. You don’t have to participate in Jump and/or sell your device to T-Mobile at all.

    2. while im on tmobile and am a fan, the amount of savings you achieve if any, are very specific on your device/plan… sometimes a contract on a certain carrier if you are getting a certain phone does come out cheaper.

    3. T-Mobile seems great but they just don’t have the service ATT has in my location.. What I mean is with Tmobile I often dropped calls in my house going to the wrong room where as with ATT I have 4 bars LTE in my house in any room… This is what you guys need to understand, yeah they are cheaper and they have cool promos and a cool CEO BUT They lack covererage!

  2. Use this each year I’m eligible. Hard to go wrong.

    1. Ditto. Got 4 (four) HTC EVO 4G LTE phones release day on Sprint for free because if this, trade in of previous phones, and Sprint deals. Saved $800.

      ALWAYS sign up for this. no commitment.

  3. If you don’t have to give them your old phone, that’s pretty nice actually.

  4. So if the phone is $0 with upgrade, like the G4 is now, no gift card? I thought the deal in previous years was a gift card to use in store, not just towards a new phone.

    1. Yeah. The article makes it sound like you can only use it towards an upgrade, but you are right. In the past, it’s just a $50 gift card that can be used towards anything. I don’t see why they would change it now.

      1. Two years ago I used it towards the upgrade that day. I could have walked out with the gift card if I wanted.

        1. I got a $50 gift card in November when I upgrade to the G2 (it was free)

  5. It sucks that there are never any deals for outright purchases. I’m on a really good monthly Canadian Rogers plan that I don’t want to give up so I buy my phones outright every year.

  6. Any carrier even any phone wooooowww /s

  7. You literally could not pay me to give Best Buy a dime of my money.

    1. LoL!! This is what they’re doing to. Literally paying you. =.3

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