First LG G Pro 2 photos leaked


It was quite strange of LG to announce the new LG G Pro 2 earlier this week without saying anything about it. Aside from the fact that they’ll most likely bring it to Mobile World Congress next month, there’s little indication as to what we could expect to what will undoubtedly be treated as LG’s first half flagship.

lg g pro 2 2

Korean site DC Inside has given us our first clean look at the device, though. What we get is a white chassis that doesn’t seem to take a huge departure from the norm, that’s unless you consider the fact that it has LG’s latest back-facing button configuration such as on the LG G2 and the LG G Flex.

This particular model appears to have a white chassis with chrome outlining, and LG seems to have continued their new tradition of ditching capacitive buttons in favor or the on-screen buttons Android now provides. For what it’s worth, the LG G Pro 2 is said to be coming with a 6-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and will support faster LTE-A networks for data.

On the software front, we can probably expect at least Android Jelly Bean with LG’s QSlide interface, though we wouldn’t be surprised if they took this opportunity to bring us their first phone with KitKat out of the box. We still have a few weeks to see what, exactly, is in store, so for now just marvel at the couple of shots we have above and below.

lg g pro 2 1

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  1. Looks awesome.. Would like to trade my G2 for this!

  2. LG should’ve used the 805 processor to stay closer to Samsung and HTC.

    1. The Snapdragon 800 is no slouch at all. I am so sick of the spec war. Next year we’ll be saying the 805 isn’t enough. Hell, even the S4 pro is still a fine SoC.

      1. Someone commented the other day complaining that a Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM and 13MP was last year’s specs. Bite a cyanide capsule if not having ridiculous components in your devices is so bad. Optimising a device properly can do a lot more for efficienct processing (and battery life) than people assume.

        1. Some people are so ridiculously needy. I mean look at the Moto G for christ sake. Specs almost two years old and it can play games like Riptide GP fine. Even games like Real Racing run basically flawlessly.

      2. But I am talking about a marketing stand point.

  3. If that’s a 6″ phone, then it’s really fat. That’d be okay if it’s got a huge battery, over 4000 mah.

    1. Dat phone. ;D

  4. I wish LG would stop trying to be Samsung. They have much more potential imo and they’re being held back by trying to copy Sammy. The g2 and s4 look so similar. Lgs been killin it lately though. I’m not bashing the g2(great phone) LG, just don’t like how they try to copy Samsungs design.

    1. The g2 looks nothing like the s4?

    2. they really did take most the looks from samsung devices. just looking at the back, the speaker is in the same location (just rotated the grill 90º) and the flash and camera look identical.can’t really tell about the front since the pic isn’t that great.

      I understand there is only so many designs to be had when it comes to our current form factor of smartphones, but to only slightly tweak a design still doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a borrowed design.

      Lastly, pay no attention to paul’s comment. One word for him, “Denial”.

      1. I am sorry. I thought he was comparing the LG G2 not the Pro G2. Thus my response.

    3. Yeap, you are definitely right here. The only LG product I bought is actually the 8.3 tablet, which it looks nothing like the samsung tabs.

    4. You can’t differentiate that much with rounded rectangles.

  5. Speaker relocated to the back. Good! I tend to keep my pinky under the phone when holding out with one hand and I usually end up blocking the speaker on the g2

    1. I’ve learned to readjust and place my pinky on the charge port when holding my Nexus 5. What I do like it’s whether the phone is face up or down we can still get full sound.

  6. Looks just like a G2 with a couple of minor changes.

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